Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Madness - It was the night before, before, before Christmas

Christmas 2008 at River Rand Bowl

A Christmas Poem using the cadence from "The Night Before Christmas"

It was Monday before Christmas and all through the house, all the idiots were yelling and there were strikes all about.

The bowling towels were hung on the ball return with care, in hopes that no 10 pins would soon be there.
The bowlers were nestled all snug near the bar, with visions of winning the doubles pot, hopefully not far.

The drinks kept on coming with great frequency and and the urinals kept flushing the gallons of pee.

The balls kept on rolling down the new lanes with glee, as Jody ran around as happy as can be

Wazy collected his pots from his from all of his guys, while snow filled the winter clouds up in the sky

Gimena sand bagged with the best of the boys, while Jim dreamed of getting some new man-play toys.

Dave Geuder and Bobby Freese won doubles tonight, getting Christmas money to spend on something just right

The house bought drinks, how generous they are, let's just hope we don't have to drive home too far.

Wazy and Sal G just won the big mystery they have enough dough to buy everybody a shot.

Cesar and Dee bought a new house. Let's hope when they move in they don't find a mouse.

Craig is still a douche bag and will always be and River Rand Bowl has a nice Christmas Tree.

Reinfart came up again to bother us all, but he still really throws a whole lot of ball.

Happy Holidays to all of lousbowlingblog fans, may the season be filled with lots of beer cans

Bowl Matza's, Saffold, Geuders and all, get up there and throw a great next ball

Thanks to all of my readers, you have made this tons of fun and have brought all of us a bit closer together, sharing a common interest, having fun and great competition. I think we have all become better friends because of it. Thanks to my columnists Reinhart and guys have made it that much better.

Merry Christmas 2008.

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