Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday Madness - 12.8.08

Had fun Monday. Lou and the Leisure suits shot against Jack Weelmaa's team and they really are a bunch of good guys. Jack continued bowling well after his BBT win on Wednesday and Al Brown, in the 2nd games (doubles pot) pounded the hole every shot and left the back row, solid 7, 8, 9 and 10...ouch....

But the Leisure Suits still won 5 points and now have a match up against the King Boys next week for first place. Wonder if Pat King will bring back Tittie Power for that match. We sure miss Tittie Power, it was hysterical when the whole place started chanting "tittie power" "tittie power" every time he struck...which wasn't often.

A couple of high scores last night with Mark England shooting 273? and the Illegal Alien shooting 277. Other miracles, Paul Palke won instant clean and Pat King finally cashed in doubles...woo hoo...woo hoo hoo.

Here are the pot winners

Handicap King Score
Illegal Alien 305
Jack Weelmaa 252
Frankenstein 247

Scratch King
Illegal Alien 277
Frankenstein 224

Mark England/Gimena 520
Pat King/Mark England 511
Kevin Kurowski/Mark England 508

Paul Palke 16

3rd Scratch
Illegal Alien 277
Jim Saffold 231

I left early but I got a feeling that it was a late night for the remaining degenerates. Ever generous Tommy R was buying shots and the mood was just right for partying.

Craig Kouros was quite last night...said he had a bad back...? Not from getting any action I suppose. Dave Geuder threw the ball at least 40 feet trying to "pickup" a 4/6/7. It must have struck...one day, that ball is going to come back from the ball return and his thumb will still be in the ball...I promise.

Kevin Reinfart showed up and annoyed everyone. He was trying to make a fashion statement wearing a dunce type ski hat, earmuffs, gloves and a coat, inside? If the coat was dirtier, he could have passed for someone who lived under Lower Wacker Drive. Don't come up on Monday anymore...

Otherwise, just another night of fun at the ole' ball park. The Madness continues next Monday.

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