Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday Madness 12.15.08

Lou and the Leisure Suits, shooting for first place against the goofy King Boys, got our a-holes pounded. 1 and 2 blew, Lou V may be on the disabled list soon, and Kenny, Bobby, Mark and Dave all blew. And the King Brothers/Cousin, shot well...not counting Linker...he blew and Gimena, pulled an ass muscle?

On thing about that team...they are a R I O T to shoot against. Otherwise, with the exception of Paul Palke shooting 256 in the second game to steal doubles...scores were fairly low again this week.

Here are the pot results:

Handicap King


Mark Orlow


Roger Nagle


George Revs Jr.


Scratch King



Mark Orlow



Jack Weegmaa/Paul Palke


Jack Weegmaa/Frankenstein


No 3rd place this week


Bill Switalski


3rd Scratch



Mark Orlow



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Thank you Patti Blagojevich for you kind words.

  3. Daniela, your comment has been removed due to excessive swearing per blog rules...

  4. Hey Lou why don't you let everyone know that we pulled the raffle and Jodi won the bag set.

    Bob pulled it at 4:15 p.m. December 16, 2008.

    I collected $500.00 and $250.00 will be going towards St. Judes Cancer Research and 250.00 will be going towards the Estrogen Open.

    I was supposed to pull the raffle yesterday but I did not get here to do it.

    Now the Bag set was not plastic... it is quite heavy and I since Lou is a B'''tch he would NEVER be able to lift it.

  5. 1ST let me start off by saying.

    MIND YOUR BUSINESS. This has NOTHING to do with you and if you don't like it don't buy a ticket.

    2nd if you were an intelligent person like I know you are, it is written down on the box as to what this raffle represents.

    This raffle that I am holding is FOR THE ESTROGEN OPEN SCRATCH WOMENS TOURNAMENT being held on March 14th and 15th 2009. Maybe if you stopped the bashing and maybe looked at the posters you would see that Miller Light is the official sponsor. NOW everyone knows that Miller Light CANNOT and WILL NOT give cash money for any tournament so they have given me certain items to raffle off. Since Miller Light donates alot of money towards St. Judes Cancer Research I have decided to give half of the proceeds towards St. Judes Cancer Research and half of the proceeds will be going towards my tournament.

    Craig and I are fully aware of how to do raffles and every 2 weeks or 3 depending on if people are still buying tickets will depend on how long I will be doing the raffle for each item.

    Now instead of bashing (once again) open your god damn mouth to either me or Craig OR ANYBODY WORKING at RIVER RAND if you have a question.

    DJ is helping me out since I CANNOT be here everyday to sell the tickets.

    Again grow some f''g balls and say this s..t to my face. You have had plenty of opportunities to ask me questions and you do have my email.

    You are a f'''ing grown ass man and need to stop being a little bitch about everything. You are a hypocrit and a baby so either say this shit to my face or don't say shit about it.

    I am trying to do something nice for the women scratch bowlers and I do not need this shit from you.

    What I do with my tournament is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    Like I said if you don't like me I DON'T GIVE A F''K and if you DON'T like my tournament turn your head.

    You sit here week in and week out saying you have alot of respect for Craig and River Rand well guess what you are really disrespecting Craig by questioning what you already know.

  6. Dee, if you feel this strongly about something I think you need to take your own advice and say it directly to Lou, in person. Pick a time where it will not effect his or anyone else's bowling. There have been a lot of not so pleasing things said about Lou and Waz and others behind their back as well. Plenty, plenty, plenty of things have been said behind my back by at or around the bowling center, and none of them seem to come say it too my face. I'm informed of this practically everyday I walk in there. It becomes very frustrating and old.

    I agree that Lou may not have gone about this in the right way, but he likes to make light of something that frustrates him. He wrote it out into a rant with a little humor because it bugged him enough. Going to you and/or Craig (which he already did) really wasn't going to solve the issue that he had. So instead of banging his head on the wall he took this route.

    Dee, everyone has an opinion...and if you haven't noticed in the past few months...there are plenty of people that don't hold back on letting their thoughts be known. The freedom of speech is a right that we are given as US born citizens. Sometimes it is a right that makes our country look really bad and other times it is a right that has changed our country or even the world. You can express your freedom of speech right thru many medias...TV, radio, voice, internet...Lou chose to state his opinion and had every right to. You may not have liked it and you may not have agreed with it, but that is life. There was not one mention of your tournament and not one mention of your name in the posting. So if you took offense to it, you're the only one.

    If you are unhappy with what you read on the blog then don't read the blog. If you would like to continue reading and responding to what is on the blog then please do it in a respectful manner. Lou has asked everyone posting a comment to please not swear and if you have to then hide the words. It is obvious that you don't like most of the people that read or comment on this blog. Why in the world do you keep interacting with them then? If I don't like someone I usually don't keep tabs on them.

  7. Dee, when you go to bed at night...examine your conscience...you are a self centered woman who has probably been spoiled from birth. It is either you way or the highway.

    Remember there are other people in the world.

    And you have blown your lesbian tournament way out proportion in your own mind. I have a once a month league that generates more profit in one night than your "Huge" tournament for River Rand Bowl. Do any of those women bowl in a league? How many are buying drinks at the bar? You talk about promoting womens bowling..that is like talking about promoting a ping pong tournament...who cares. How many 20 team women's leagues are at River Rand Bowl? Duh...zero!! So, in your own mind you can have delusions of grandeur, but in reality, that tournament generates no more income than 1 Monday night league (12) teams, ties the house up for 2 days and doesn't do shi# to promote women's bowling.

    Like Kevin says, this is a free country with freedom of speech. If you don't like what is written on this blog...don't read it. I didn't mention any names so nobody else will know what we are talking about. But you insist on unloading on me...Grow up and get some psychiatric help.


If you swear, hide the works like Fu_k etc.

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