Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lou's Views - Parker Bohn - What a classy guy

Parker Bohn III

I have been watching PBA Bowling in TV for 30 years and some of the guys are on TV are roboto's, some are very emotional, some are Butt Holes and then there is Parker Bohn.

Every time I see him on TV he is the ultimate in class and represents the sport better than anyone I have ever seen.

Sunday, as he was getting pounded by Wes Malot, he was funny, gracious and such a classy guy. The PBA should be proud to have him on tour and hope that he makes TV every week.

Patrick Allen, on the other hand, what a douche. I just can't stand watching him on TV. His annoying talking to himself, calls himself "Hoss"...what an anus.

Wes Mallot sure lost his shot...290 and then he can't hit the hole. Rhino Page doesn't do much for me either...kind of a mini Patrick Allen. And speaking about Rhino, where did he get that shirt? Brian Fritz's closet...easily the ugliest shirt in PBA History. Period.

Sip told me that Rhino page is a bone smoker..after seeing his father on TV, his ole' man might be one too.

Nice to see Mark did he get old. He was one of my bowling idols when I was the 1973 champ. I worked at Garden City Bowl in Garden City, New York and Roth occasionally bowled in the house.

When I won the 1973 Championship, I cranked the ball like him. Wow...Wes Malott sure pounded the hole on the second shot in 10th...ouch. Rhino needs a mark in the 10th...steps up...hasn't struck on this lane yet...almost leaves a pocket 7 10...spare...wins...too bad.

The broads had 2 non lesbo's on TV this week...Carolyn Dorin Ballard...nice...and Jody Woessner, nice looking but a bit too much "Junk in the Trunk'' for my taste...she shot well and was nice to see her win.

The tour is off for a few weeks...

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