Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kev's Korner - December 16, 2008

Welcome to another edition of Kev's Korner. I don't have much to talk about or much on my mind, but as you read this column, you'll come to see that I tend to have a lot to talk about...even when I don't.

Not exciting, but interesting. I just can't seem to get excited by much this season on PBA TV. There is no doubt I loved Parker Bohn slapping Patrick Allen all over the left side of the lane, but that was about it. Wes Mallott shooting 290 was sorta boring, because the game was over before it started.

Here is my prediction for the rest of the PBA season...
It's going to be boring. It will sort of be interesting to see some of the weird formats they have coming up, but I think it will be boring TV. The interest will rub off half way thru the first game. The one thing to look forward to is whether or not Norm Duke can win a 4th straight major. Needless to say, something that has never been done before. I believe no one has won three majors in a row before Norm. Say what you want that he is basing his focus around the majors, similar to Tiger Woods, but it is still an incredible feat.

First and foremost...congratulations to Mike D. for finally breaking thru. It wasn't due to lack of trying, because he had seven top-3 finishes before last week. I know how he feels because I was in that situation last year. Also good to see Rob D. finish 2nd. He has stuggled all year, including having a bad wrist most of the season. He bowled well, just in time to take a few weeks off. Good timing, douche!

We have a couple of exciting changes/additions to the schedule. We have added 2 weeks to the schedule. Since we will be off for two weeks during the holidays, we gathered enough folks to hold a couple of holiday BBT tournaments. They will be regular weeks, not majors, and will start much earlier than a normal week.

Here's the info:
Tuesday, December 23rd @ 8:30pm
Tuesday, December 30th @ 8:30pm

Notice the day and time differences. If you are interested in bowling for the first time please let me or the blog know and we'll get you setup beforehand.

We also added another Doubles format into the schedule...further down the road. It won't be a regular doubles format, it will be a Jr./Sr. format. Each team will have one partner that is young and fertile and one partner that isn't so young and possibly not fertile. We'll break the field up into 1/2 youngest and 1/2 oldest and randomly draw a name from each group to get the teams.

Justine!?!?!?!? Where have you gone? We have not heard from you and are wondering how come. You are always invited back to bowl. Let us know what is going on.

My team blows right now so nothing interesting to say for now. Some teams are winning, some teams are losing and some maybe having ties. Some people win some pots, so people don't win pots and some people don't get in at all...........oh ya, and some pots blow and I shouldn't...I mean won't get into them anymore. Boring trimester for now.

I do have some very exciting news about our league for next year. However, I cannot reveal it at this time. I believe the good news will/can be revealed after the new year. So keep your anticipation in check...no secrets or clues will be revealed.

There are a handful of bowlers that have bowled the BBT in the past and either don't bowl it at all or once in a blue moon. Some have good reasons and some have not so good reasons. If someone has a problem with the way things are run I absolutely encourage them to not bowl...it is their money and time...HOWEVER, do not bash it until you talk to me about your problem. I have heard plenty of things under people's breaths about how the BBT is run and how it sucks, or that they don't agree with this or that. If that is the way you feel I am sorry. We are not able to please everyone. However, if you don't come talk to us (me especially) how in the world are we to know you feel that way. You may have a good point and it might be something we should improve or change, but don't sit there and bash the BBT.

This is a non-profit "organization". Not one penny is taken out of the prize fund for any work or organization that is done...and there never will be. All ideas and rules are made up as we go along, but every single rule is thought of and discussed in the best interest of the BBT. We don't make a rule or a format to help benefit or hurt one bowler or another. If you think that then you are ignorant. There is a 7-page document that contains all the rules and formats, and if a situation comes up that isn't covered in there it is discussed with everyone's best interest in mind.

All bowlers that have previously bowled in the BBT are always invited to bowl. We have never turned down a former bowler and we have never asked someone to not comeback. Everyone obviously has the right to not bowl because of any reason they have, but please do not spread any ignorant information, thoughts or opinions. Please discuss your thoughts with me.

The BBT is not run by a dictatorship. I may have a strong personality, and I may come across as dictating the tournament now and then, but that isn't true. There are a handful of us that organize and discuss everything that goes on and any problems there are. Any and every bowler that comes to us will have their thought, problem, idea listened to and either solved or taken in consideration. This is a democracy in a democratic country...well, the second part can somewhat be debated, but that's for a different article. Don't be afraid to discuss anything with myself, the blog, or any of the BBT "Board of Directors" (myself, Lou, Wazy and Mike R.).

We have a 2-week Winter Major scheduled for January 14th and 21st. A bowler must have 8 tournaments bowled to be eligible for this. We have 4 regular weeks scheduled between now and then. If you have a question on your eligibility or how many weeks more you need please let me know.

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: 6.36...average number of pins between the last person making the cut and the first person missing the cut. This is thru the first 15 weeks, the Doubles week was not counted.


  1. I would like to bowl the BBT but since everyone was complaining about the Juniors bowling as well as I .. Craig has asked us NOT to bowl on Wednesdays.

    That is the reason none of the juniors as well as Justine will be bowling the BBT.

    So until we are allowed back on Wednesdays NONE of us will be participating in the BBT

  2. LOL!!! Way too funny. That is a pretty childish excuse. You're adults and Craig is an adult. If you told him you're invited to bowl the BBT, I'm pretty sure he would say, ok then go bowl the BBT.

    If you would like to bowl in the BBT then show up. That goes for Justine and any of the Juniors that would like to bowl the BBT. All of you have and will continue to be invited to bowl in the BBT.

    Everyone was complaining about the Juniors bowling a huge amount of games for free or an overly discounted price. I don't think we have to discuss this again. I will talk to Craig during the day today and see if you guys are "allowed back". The reason he asked you guys to not come in is that was his way of calming everyone down. I don't think it was a lifetime Wednesday night ban. I'm pretty sure it was for a few weeks while things calmed down. He had a league that was pissed at him and that was the quickest, easiest thing to do.

    "Practice bowling" and bowling in the BBT are two separate things. I will call him during the day and confirm his stance.

  3. Dee, I agree with Kevin. That is over...you want the juniors to get better, have them bowl the BBT with the big boys. You are under pressure to shoot 2 good games to qualify, then single elimination match games and then a championship game.

    They want to get good...bowl the BBT.

  4. Kevin, the PBA does blow this year. For me the biggest problem is that I dont' want to see the same people week after week. The best shows were when a "new" guy, you never saw, made TV and was shooting against Walter Ray.

    This Exempt thing is a bad, bad mistake that will kill the tour.

  5. I have talked to Mike and he and myself withdraw our invitation for Dee to bowl the BBT. Let's not forget all then crap she has said about the BBT and the people who bowl it. All when it was a league problem to begin with. I would like to hold our standards of who we invite a little higher than in the past. It has been a blast this year, let's keep it that way. I am sure Justine is not bowling due to the pressure put on her by the juniors "coach". If I am wrong I apologize, but I doubt it.

  6. I believe the word "childish" was used above... this whole topic is childish... I agree with some of Kevin’s comments and I chuckle at Lou's comments "They want to get good...bowl the BBT." Who are you kidding Lou? Are u serious? What kind of drugs are u on? Now on to other comments... Childish - "I have talked to Mike and he and myself withdraw our invitation for Dee to bowl the BBT. Let's not forget all then crap she has said about the BBT and the people who bowl it." Waz let’s not forget ALL the times you have crossed the line with Dee and myself, and yet all that has come and gone... grow some damn b@lls! You have already make it as clear as can be that Dee is your least favorite person... if it is a personal problem, then keep it personal. Many of these "problems" have been addressed in a childish way and some of your retarded comments do not help smooth things out... it seems to me that it is okay for Waz to make fu_ked up comments about the Bowling Center, Dee, and other BBT bowlers on this blog... but when someone dishes it back thru trash talk... then Waz wants to "withdraw his invitation" for Dee to the BBT... I don't get it? Let’s not say anything about Waz because he might not “invite” us back to the BBT…
    "I am sure Justine is not bowling due to the pressure put on her by the juniors "coach". If I am wrong I apologize, but I doubt it." Waz whether this is true or not... I do not believe this is any of your damn business... if Dee or whoever is in the position of coaching the juniors then as the coach then they have the right to suggest or recommend what they should or should not bowl... I see multiple post/comments with regards to Justine not bowling and I may be wrong but it seems to be done simply due to the fact that Dee is the juniors coach... Waz if you do not agree with the rules set by the Junior Coach then maybe you should go speak to that person and have a face to face conversation and maybe it would help gain a better understanding of the why's... The purpose of the juniors showing up on Wednesdays was for them to "practice" for the junior & travel leagues with the rest of the team... not to bowl the BBT… MY .02c… who ever doesn’t like my comments can “SUCK IT!” CZR

  7. Ohh in case anyone needs this as reference

    Main Entry: child·ish
    Pronunciation: \ˈchī(-ə)l-dish\
    Function: adjective
    Date: before 12th century
    1: of, relating to, or befitting a child or childhood
    2 a: marked by or suggestive of immaturity and lack of poise < a childish spiteful remark > b: lacking complexity : simple < it's a childish device, but it works > c: deteriorated with age especially in mind : senile
    — child·ish·ly adverb
    — child·ish·ness noun

  8. Kevin, Mike R. is a Board of Director. You inadvertantly mentioned Mike D. as one in your random thoughts column.

  9. Dee....this comment is directed to you in reference to the selling of the raffle tickets. When I was approached by DJ to buy them, my first words to him were;"What is it for"? He never mentioned your tournament. Last night he approached me again, I asked him when the drawing would be for the tickets that I purchased last week and his answer was next week, but in reading your blog you stated that Jodi won the drawing on Monday Night! If you want people to support your cause, you must be honest with them and if you have an agent representing you, make sure he knows what's going on, so he can keep people informed.


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