Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Wazy Rants

More Wisdom from the Waz

WHAT THE HELL IS WITH so many people manstrating???  
Since I took a shot at the blog master himself, nobody is off limits, even members of my own team.
 Lanes 7-8 blew last night, totally blew, some of us got through it, others did not. PJ went home to do whatever PJ does but Rob, the flippin beat off stayed but did not bowl the BBT. That's right , he stayed and  did not bowl, but wait, it gets better. As the BBT qualifiying ended I noticed someone lacing up the sneakers to go practice with his new ball. Can anyone guess who that was?
 No it was not the normal practice squad but my very own teammate Rob. Mike also blew during league but in an effort to regain some dignity and confidence back, he not only bowled the BBT, but bowled well. 
Lou was complaining about his elbow like he always does but looks like he grew a pair and bowled, and bowled well. Rob, ask Lou if you can borrow his set next week ya big douche. 
 That's all I got,


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  2. This is just the wierdest condition I've ever seen. Some guys were dropping 75 to 100 pins from one game to another. Some pairs were getting lit up and others really sucked.

  3. Wednesday was really weird. Waz-N-Friends pair sucked really bad...from lane to lane in fact. My pair, right next to them, was pretty nice, but nothing spectacular, and then on the high-end, where we had the BBT, the lanes were highly scorable. Seemed different across the house, more than usual at least.


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