Thursday, December 18, 2008

Art Preus Rocks River Rand Bowl

Artie starts with the first 10 - shoots 287

As the old saying goes, just because there is snow on the roof, doesn't mean there isn't any fire in the furnace as Art Preus, the Hybrid, shot 287 last night. Almost 200 pins over his age, (just kidding).

He packed the hole the first 10 shots and then leaves a blow-out 7/10...ouch...takes 9 all day and shoots 287. We were all thrilled for him. Great bowling Art.

Speaking of great bowling...Reinfart shot 795 scratch and 30 clean. Great shooting Kev. And finally Larry Slavin won the King...that makes me happy cause they try week after week after week...Great bowling Larry...

Here are the pot winners:

Handicap King Score
Larry Slavin 277
Jerry Forshall 257
Hal Johnson 246

Scratch King
Reinfart 257

Ray Jenkins/Bob Parquett 519
Al Rickert/Frank Stark 550

Reinfart 30

3rd Scratch
Reinfart 257

Pins Over
Larry Slavin 115
Ray Jenkins 104

Strike Pot
Art Preus 10

High Game of Night Handicap
Woodie 298
Ken Gorman 284
Ray Jenkins 281


  1. Lou, you kill me sometimes dude. Instant Clean: Unknown 16...LOL...I had 30 clean you big douche. Terry announced you a-hole!!! Boy, you're even dumber when you don't bowl than when you do bowl.

  2. Reinfart, you big douche...since I was not in any pots Wednesday, I didn't pay attention to Terry... but since credit is due...I changed it.

    You now have credit for 30 clean...


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