Friday, November 7, 2008

Wazy's Rants - Volume 1

Hey - Where's the Bartender?

Not that bad of a week so tough to pick out a rant but here goes:

What the hell is with the bar and counter service
? We all love Marilyn and the staff at our beloved bowling center, but making league bowlers wait for drinks and counter service for a smoke brake is terrible. Numerous times I have witnessed bowlers going up to the bar and leaving empty-handed because there was nobody there.

Monday, Chris Matzaball went to help at the bar and we had to wait 15 minutes before he could resume his turn on the lanes. Not to mention that the brakes should not come between frames 3-6 for those are usually everyone's beer frame.

You know the BEER FRAME, bowling centers answer to Hallmarks Sweetest Day.

That's all I got,

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  1. "Boys life saved by bowling ball." Check out the link below and read the story about how a boys life was saved by his own bowling ball during a "GANG SHOOTING." Just another reason why I love this game so much!


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