Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wazy's Rant

Officer Mangina?

WHAT THE HELL IS WITH Mr. Mangina himself. Oh, I didn't bowl well during league so I am gonna puss out of the doubles. Grow some nads (shaven or not) and step up like a man. Not like someone who was manstrating. Then, as the officer in charge of collecting and handing out the money, fails to do so. Did he go home? No, the big douche stayed and had a couple beers, took some pictures, had his normal gestures. Maybe it was just a hot flash or something, huh Lou? Thanks for keeping the prize fund low ya big douche.In general I have noticed a number of times that if you bowl well in league you suck on the BBT. The opposite occurs way more often. I bowled a 120 last game of league and went on to bowl and win the BBT. Maybe Mr 1973 reached down deep like he often does and found nothing was there. Again (shaven or not) ask Santa for some new ones for X-mas.

That's all I got, WAZ


  1. Wazy, you are a gigantic anus. I was trying to be a good guy and not bowl so that I didn't stick someone with a lousy partner...

    So you can take your Mangina, shaved nads and your 120 game and stick them up your rather substantial ass.

    What do you think about that? \ / !!

  2. Hey Waz, if you were looking for some more back end, all you had to do was look in the mirror and turn around. Like I should talk! Great rant! But pickin on the senior citizens now, that's not cool.

  3. Hey Lou,

    Why don't you extend the same courtesy to your league team. I am sure they wouldn't want
    a lousy partner as well. \ / \ /

  4. Hey Wazy, got get a bike seat and stick that up you rather substantial ass's that sound?

    \ /


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