Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waz n' Friends Does it - Wins three way Playoff

PJ, Wazy, Mike, Uncle Fester, DenPin

The Wednesday Men's league at River Rand Bowl had their tie breaker playoff Wednesday night and though the scores were close for a while, Waz n' Friends on the backs of Wazy, who started with a 7 bagger and PJ, yes I said PJ, sprinted their way to victory. Wazy shot in the 250's and PJ, 182 plus his massive handicap to do the trick.

Rob, DenPin and Mike showed up but Wazy and PJ carried the team. Nice bowling guys and just goes to show you about my prediction...

Pot Winners

Some new names in Pot Land last night as John Zaleski, miracles do happen, did not choke in the 10th and powered his way to a bunch of pots and brackets, most notibly he won the King of the Hill with a 276 with handicap the last game edging out Jack Weegma, who shot 267, 3rd was last weeks King, Ken Cohen, who, by the way won 9 of 10 brackets for the 2nd week in a row!! Now that is very impressive.

Reinfart won King scratch and the Illegal Immigrant, won pins over with 92.

Here are the winners:

Handicap King Score
John Zaleski 276
Jack Weegma 267
Ken Cohen 239

Scratch King
Reinfart 228
The Mexican 223

Dan Luncsford/John

Bill Switalski

3rd Scratch
Mike Laxson 255

Pins Over
The Mexican 92
Matt Jenital 82

Strike Pot
Ray Jenkins 3
Tim Ferlage 3

High Game of Night Handicap
John Zaleski 276
Kevin Peterson 267


  1. Who's counting, but Scott had the first 7 (not 6). It's called CLUTCH!!!


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