Thursday, November 20, 2008

Todd Cohen shoots 300 Wednesday

Todd Cohen has sanctioned 300's Righty and Lefty!!!

They loosened up the shot last night and certain pairs yielded some pretty big scores. Among them were several 700's, 270's and the big one last night was Todd Cohen's 300 bowled righty.

As most of you know, Todd is a freak of nature, meaning he can bowl great both lefty and righty. He injured his right what does he do...starts to bowl lefty. And he was a great lefty...then he hurts his left shoulder and then starts bowling righty took a few months, but he is back with a vengeance.

Todd is easily one of the best clutch bowlers I have seen, but last night...luck was on his side. The 10th strike went Brooklyn, but the next 2 were up the arse...high flush...especially the 12th one...booom, booom, boooom....great bowling Todd.

Also kudos to Dan Luncfords team. They shot 35xx last night...nice shooting guys.

Here are the pot winners:

Handicap King Score
Todd Cohen 257
Craig Slater 257
Matt Jenital 255

Scratch King
Dan Luncsford 258
Mike Ritti 234

Luncsford Team 580
Luncsford Team 530

Kasten 30

3rd Scratch
Dan Luncsford 258

Pins Over
Todd Cohen 160
Matt Jenital 121

Strike Pot
Kevin Peterson 8

High Game of Night Handicap
Todd Cohen 332
John Zaleski 288

Pot Note - Matt Jenital lost King by 2 the 3rd game, he had a 5 pin count, threw the ball 500 miles an hour and took out just the 10 pin for a 6 all day...and lost the King by 2 pins. A $150 f_ck up...just goes to show you...don't throw away pins.


  1. Speaking of f-cking up, I nominate myself for the 1st Monkey Spanker Award of the week. I opened in the 9th & 10th after 7 in a row to help our team lose the 3rd game by 2 pins and the doubles pot by 1 pin! $200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The lanes were as loose as a $10 hooker!

  3. I'll take your word for it on the hooker part.


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