Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ryan Briscoe's Night

Some nights are just your night and that was the case last night as Ryan Briscoe won enough $$ to buy his entire team Thanksgiving Turkeys and all the trimming, winning 1st and 2nd doubles, King Handicap and scratch, 3rd game scratch and ...I guess that is enough....oh....Maxi-Pad won instant clean, otherwise a sweep.

Now that has not happened ever...

Besides that...not much as your author bowled 3 frames last night and had to quit. Got a monkey spanking injury and had to drop out. This blows. But I shouldn't have bowled on Sunday...it is a bitch getting old.

Service levels have greatly improved with the lovely bartender back on track. And our ever most congenial host really stepping it up. Thanks Craig, you big douche.
Left early so not much more to say except, here are the pot winners:

Handicap King Score
Ryan Briscoe 293
Jack Weegma 256
John Newman 245
Scratch King
Ryan Briscoe 279
Maxi-Pad 243
Ryan/Newman 496
Ryan/Al Brown 490
The Nagles 487
Maxi-Pad 16
3rd Scratch
Ryan 279
Maxi-Pad 243

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