Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playoffs tonight

Who will win?

The roll-off for the 1st 3rd is tonight and here are my predictions. It is a one game match to be bowled AFTER the regular league action.

King and His Court - Don't know if Larry and Ken Cohen can bowl 4 games? So it depends what Matt, Kyle and Todd do. Matt can shoot big numbers, Kyle can too and I would bet on Todd any day. Chances to win? Depends totally on Kenny and Larry...

Columbia Furniture - Odds on favorite if Josh bowls well. Last week he blew, but so did the rest of the team. If Glenn carries watch out...Wally is really steady, Rob a wild card and Gerry who knows.

Waz n' Friends - Wazy is either great or lousy as the night goes on so? PJ, can shoot 110 or 200, Rob D is hurt, monkey spanking injury so who knows with him, Den Pin, depends on how many thigh slaps (10 pins) he leaves and Mike R. if he carries they could win...if not...not.

Prediction - Columbia Furniture, King and his Court, Waz n' Friends.


  1. Anyone else want to join in and sing the Heat Miser song. Nice hair ya flippin douche.

  2. What is the Heat Miser sound...Wizzy?

  3. Lou, click on the link below and you will see what Wazy is talkin about!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Waz, don't tell me you and your kids are watching Old Christmas flicks already.

  6. Not until after Thanksgiving Mike. But how can anyone forget the Year Without a Santa Claus? Not a true classic like Rudolph or Santa Claus is Coming To Town, but way better than Rudolph's Shiny New Year. Lou, go on youtube and type in heat miser song and see what splender you've been missing ya big douche. Gotta love the old Rankin & Bass stuff.

  7. Nice predictions, you did mean 3rd, 2nd, and 1st in that order right?

  8. Congratulations to Waz n' Friends on there victory.

  9. PJ, if you stand on your head and read the predictions, you get the right answer...

    Congrats to my friends on their victory...


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