Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday Madness

Dave Geuder Sweeps Doubles
Shoots 279 with an open

Some days you just get lucky bowling and that is what happened last night at River Rand Bowl. The Monday league has shrunk to 12 teams, but the pots, thanks to Wazy and Reamer, are decent.

Wazy works it hard and Tommy does also. So with so few guys there still is lots to shoot for. Doubles used to be gigantic and is decent this year and by far the biggest pot to win. Last night we all rode on the back of Dave Geuder, who opened in the first frame and then strung 11 in a row for a 279.

Lou V shot 194 scratch, Kenny G shot 178 and Mark Kraut shot 164 and WON DOUBLES WITH DAVE.

When was the last time people shot that bad and won $$? It was a miracle. But the shot on Monday blows, scores are pathetic and most nights you just show up and can make some dough.

Here is the pot rundown:

Handicap King Score
Bill Switalski 250
Ken Geuder 247
George Revs Jr 241

Scratch King
George Revs Jr 211
Wazy 200

Dave G/Lou V 532
Dave G/Ken G 514
Dave G/Mark K 486

Saffold 14

3rd Scratch
Jim Bloomquist 223
Frankie B 222

quiet night...Craig was his usual douche bag self, Reamer was fairly quiet, Holman gone for good?, Rob D went home to the wife early...hmmm? More great scenery in the bags league...man, sure beats the normal bar hags...thanks Tommy... thanks again to Dave Geuder, for carrying all of us to the pay window...we owe you Dave.

279 with an open...nice...

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