Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday Madness - Chris Matza's team pulls off a miracle

Miracle on River Road

Well the first third is now complete and Chris Matza's team the Barflys, formerly known as the Boomers, pulled an upset beating 10K all three games to win the first tri-mester.

I guess it is a testement that any team can win at any time...cuz on paper...this team blows, they are in 7th place in total pins, have no real good bowlers on their team...but still won...I guess the leadership of a Matza ball is all it took. Congrats to the BarFlys on your win.

Pot wrap-up

Jack King pulled one off yesterday, shooting 269 scratch with 50 pins of handicap for a monster 319 to take first and second place in doubles. Bill Swit won instant, Ceaser the Mexican won 3rd game scratch, and John Neuman went to the pay window.

Here are the scores:

Handicap King Score
John Newman 258
Lease 248
K Geuder 247
Scratch King
John Newman 227
Maxipad 212
Jack King/Mark E 532
Jack King/Gimenna 514
Reemer/Bloomquist 486
Switalski 10
3rd Scratch
The Mexican 243
John Newman 227

The rest of the night was relatively un-eventful...Cesar was annoying as usual, Jody showed up and hung with Craig all night, (he still is a douche)...Krone unloaded his thoughts...and you thought that Kasten and Mike D have lots to say...Krone is right up there....

The bags league ends next week...sorry to see them go...lots to look at. George Mascio showed up...and it was great to see him. Back from an ordeal and looks like everything is ok with him...Other then that...not much happened last night...as I left fairly early.

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