Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday Madness 11.17.08

2nd 3rd Kicks off

After last weeks miracle of having Chris Matza's team win the 3rd, we are now in our second Tri-mester, no we are not pregnant, but you know what I mean.

Nice to see Jody last night working the counter and the "refreshed" Marilyn...didn't know she could smile...lovely. Scores remain super low again Monday as the pots show:

Monday Pots

Handicap King Score
Bobby Freese 237
Bill Swit 234
B. Reemer 229

Scratch King
Frankie 226
Maxi-Pad 207

Mark Orlow/Mike Saffold 529
Sal G and Hal 505
Lov V/Dave Geuder 497

James Saffold 16

3rd Scratch
Frankie B 226
James Saffold 226

It is amazing how everyone is struggling with the lanes...you have no room outside and you see a ton of washouts eveyweek.

So that brings me to the pot games. J Saffold and Frankiestein tie for 3rd game scratch and they want to roll-off one game for the $75.00. Well, I came in 3rd and wanted in on the action since they should have split first and I won second with my 220...they didn't buy that logic so I put up my $25.00 to get in and so did Reeemer and Gimenna...

We shot 2 frames per lane and then moved pairs. Lou V started with a three bagger and was clearly in the lead but faltered late, Frankied showed some "maple moxie" striking out in the 10th, forcing Reemer to strike on the first ball in the 10th. He threw the shot so well, that at least 11 pins hit the 7 pin...game 1 ... Reemer.

Game 2 Gimenna quits and that leave Lou, Frankie, Saffold and the Reemeister...Saffold and Reemer...out early...Lou Behind 20 pins the entire match...Frankie opens in the 8th, giving Lou a chance...Lou strikes in the 9th, Frankied needs a strike on the first ball to close out Lou...leaves a bucket...spare, strike. Lou needs a double to win...or strike, 9 spare to tie...the 1973 Champ digs deep down into his 40 years of experience and pounds the first strike...sets up the second shot and using "reverse axis tilt" throws the next shot and trips the 4 pin...and then throws the fill ball to ensure the victory.

Great match. Take that Frankie...you Italian douche...\ /!!

By the way, Cesar was very entertaining "broadcasting the pot games over the Microphone with excellent sound effects. Very funny Chalupa...


  1. I knew you guys shouldn't have let Lou in...

  2. Lou don't forget to mention that it was broadcasted on ESPN the OCHO!

  3. I must say that was one of the more fun matches to watch. Not for the bowling but for CEEEEZ broadcast and musical interludes. Loved the Smurf Theme for Frankie bud.

  4. Czr, noted...I updated the post...it was very entertaining and clever.

    re: your $.02...that is all it is worth...\ / !

  5. I really don't know why your league doesn't have more teams in it. You might have some luck if you inquired at the local sanitarium.


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