Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Milestone Reached - lousbowlingblog hits 20,000 hits

20,000 Hits

Well, it started out as a little blog dedicated to a handful of River Rand Bowl friends writing and mostly busting on each other...and while somethings will never change, lousbowlingblog has morphed into a pretty well read blog that allows us to report on the goings ons of our bowling exploits, our commentary on River Rand Bowl issues and our weekly wrap ups of our leagues, the BBT and other things of interest.

Sometimes it gets out of hand...but being that this is America, freedom of speech is an important right. I do
not edit comments and have not deleted one people are free to say what they want.

If you don't like what the blog is simple...don't read it. If you don't like the commentary or the busting on certain people (that mostly deserve it) don't read it. If you think the blog is gay, well then you are gay, and don't read it.

Bottom has been a blast, we have over 536 posts since April of 2007 and hopefully we will reach 25,000 hits soon.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and remember...

Lou V.
Editor in Chief

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