Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kev's Korner - November 19, 2008

Where do I begin....let's make it easy, to start.

Congratulations to Waz-N-Friends for winninig the 3-way playoff to win the first trimester. I was not a big fan of the format, but a league rule is a league rule. I don't remember us discussing that in the meeting, but I typed that at some point. No matter what format was used it would have been interesting being that there were 3 teams.

Not much else to say about the league itself, but I guess I have another issue I want to bring up. Before everyone flips out, rolls their eyes, throws their monitor out the window...give me a chance here...What is everyone's opinion about a substitute bowling their second week being allowed into scratch pots. I will leave the discussion there, wait for some responses, and then give you the story behind the inquiry.

What the hell is BBT? Oh ya, that thing we used to do after league. It has been 3 weeks since we last bowled it, but it's back. Not only is it back, but the unveiling of the first ever Doubles Format will be tonight. We've received good feedback on the format, so we'll see how it goes. It looks like we'll have at least 5 teams, and as many as 7 I believe.

On behave of the BBT I would like to congratulate the driver of the BB&T sponsored car driven by Clint Bowyer for winning the NASCAR Nationwide Series championship.

For the time being I would like to try to put a halt to this. I am not in charge of this issue, so do as everyone pleases, however I would like to call a truce. Big word for me, so I put a link to the definition for everyone. All everyone is doing is reiterating their opinions over and over again. Let me know if you caught my humor there. All points and sides have been taken and now the folks that need to talk in person need to have a formal sit down and work it out. I will let anyone know if they need to be at that discussion. If anyone is dying to still state your opinion, go ahead, but what I do forbid is talking to any league bowlers during league and the BBT. There is plenty of time after that, so please just do it as a courtesy.


Coming to The Venue: Lou and the Leisure Suits

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: 18...the number of brackets won by Ken Cohen in the last two weeks. He gets into 10 per week and has won 9 both weeks. Oh, by the way...for those who don't know...Ken is about 75 years old.


  1. Reinfart,

    does this mean you are bowling tonight?

  2. "Ken 75 is about years old. " huh? WTF? ~no comprende~

  3. lol... like I said... You suck at life!

  4. The scratch pot sub thing is geared towards me. I have always been against subs who are not regular subs getting into pots. It is not fair to those who get in every week and possibly lose every week to allow a random sub in. Last week I allowed CZR in the king scratch and pins over because he was CZR, someone we all know and trust to be not a bagger.. Pins was not off of this year. I must apologize to all who get in my pots and I will not let my guard down again. Totally had a brain fart last week.
    Once again, I apologize.

  5. Waz, it actually wasn't geared towards you in anyway. Here's my thought and then the story behind asking the question.

    I usually don't mind subs coming in once and awhile and getting into the scratch pots. I think the only time I really don't like it is when they are coming because the pot is big. I really encouraged CZR to get into Lou's scratch pots and your KOH scratch, because I have nothing against it.

    Here is the reason I brought the question up. CZR went to Denny to see if he could get into KOH handicap, and just take 0 pins handicap. Denny turned him down. I have nothing against it and CZR was ok with it too. I forgot to tell him about the 3 game strike pot, so I sent him back there for that. He asked Denny if he could get in and was turned down. Denny's reasoning was similar to yours...paraphrased..."I don't like outside ringers to come in and clean up the league's pots". CZR's response was, "If I came to sub in this league just to clean up the pots I would be stupid." What he meant was there are a million other leagues where it would be worth trying to sub when you can, just so you can make money in the pots. There are a lot of pots on Wednesday nights, but not enough to walk in as a sub and rob the bank. I guess I really didn't like Denny's explaination although it is similar to yours. I guess my thought is if it's a person that wants to get into the pots to have a little something to shoot for the night, but is mainly there to be as solid a sub for the team as he can be, then let them in. If it's a person that comes to sub when he can just to kick ass in the pots and could care less what team he is bowling on and how the team does, then I don't like letting them in.

    However anyone chooses to run their pots is fine with me, I was just curious to what people thought. I have heard both sides of the fence by many different people. I understand both reasonings too.


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