Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kev's Korner - November 11th

B&I First Trimester...to be continued...:
The league schedule says each trimester is to be 11 weeks, however 11 weeks wasn't enough to settle the incredibly close standings. Going into the night there were 6 teams that had a mathematical chance at winning the third. Coming out of the night only 3 of those teams were mathematically eliminated, 1 team from each of the first three pairs. The teams remaining are Columbia Furniture, Waz-N-Friends and the super long shot King & His Court. They are the super long shot, because they went into the position round as the 6th place team.

So what do you do with a 3-team playoff? Anyone have any ideas? Guesses? Let's look in the USBC Rulebook. To summarize 113b/2 says a 3-game round-robin roll-off should take place. Great idea... Better yet, let's look in the league rules incase the overly detailed Secretary did his job and thought this posibility up. How about that, it's in there. League Rule #24 states "If there is a three-way tie for first at the end of a third, then a one game roll-off will be bowled that night, with each team bowling on a separate pair. The highest one game team handicap total wins."

With all of that said, the playoff was not held that night. We had a couple bowlers that insisted they couldn't bowl that night and were OK'd to go home. The playoff will be held as a fourth game, after league this upcoming Wednesday night. It should be exciting.

Since only three teams of the six are still in contention, what happend to the other three that are out? 5th place High Compression ran into a buzzsaw named King & His Court. 4th place Power To Spare couldn't hold up their anchor bowler Reinfart. He shot an absolutely horrendous 157/238/173=568. That was embarrasing to watch and even worse to experience. 2nd place LouDoo's were a bowler short, with Koljack-off on the IR and Sanders MIA. Being short handed is hard enough...having Lou-Douche on the team makes it impossible.

Due to the decision taking so long for league, the BBT was not able to get started. Also due to the playoff actually being held this Wednesday the BBT will be cancelled again. The long awaited Doubles Format will be held November 19th. Please check out the format in a prior article and send any thought/ideas/questions.

With King & His Court starting the night off in 6th place, 3 points out, and ending up in a 3-way playoff...that got me thinking about some recent improbable comebacks...

- 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup: Alan Kulwicki was in 4th place, 278 points behind, with 6 races to go. He went on to win the Winston Cup by 10 points.

- 2004 ALCS: Boston Red Sox win series over New York Yankees after being down 3-0. They went on to win their first World Series in 69,842,064 years.

- 2007 NL Wild-Card Race: Colorado Rockies win 13 of their last 14 games to move from 4th-place, 4.5 games out to a tie for the Wild-Card. They went on to win the playoff and march their way to the World Series.

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: 317,770...the total number of pins knocked down in BBT history. That includes 2007/2008 season (32 weeks and TOC) and 2008/2009 season (11 weeks to date).


  1. Kevin, great article again...thanks for the insult...hey it is hard enough bowling with Joe and only 4 guys...you blow.

  2. Kevin, I've got some old Nascar memorabilia, it's yours. Do you collect?

  3. I know how it is bowling with Joe. It might as well be 3 guys.

    Mike, I usually don't collect much, but if you're dumping it I might take it.

  4. Sure he will take it...Kev is a hill billy and they all collect Nascar stuff

  5. Make up your mind Lou. I've never heard of a "Hillbilly Vampire". That's why Nascar has gotten so big. Vampires hate the taste of alcohol in there blood. Don't worry, your safe though.

  6. Vampires hate the taste of alcohol in their blood...

    what does that mean?!?

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