Saturday, November 1, 2008

Introducing Wazy's Rants

Introducing Wazy's Rants

We all know that Wazy is a quiet guy in person, most times...but he has lots to say via the blog, so decided to try and give him a column.

God only knows what he will write but it should be good. If other people decided to have an idea for a column let me know and we may give it a shot.

How about these columns:

  • Dennis - Dennis' 10 pin memories - How I got tapped for the 1,000,000th time
  • Mike Delmonico - My never ending thoughts, never ending thoughts, never ending thoughts.....
  • Dee - It's all about me, me and me
  • Cesar - How to cross the border and not get caught to find fame and fortune at US Cellular
  • Frankie B - How to average 220 but still get lessons every Wednesday
  • Rob D - I am a very angry bald man
  • PJ - The nice guy report
I am sure there are others...let me know...


  1. Watch Your Heads! Space Station Junk to Hit Earth Toda

  2. oh and by the way .... IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT ME ME ME.. that is how it should be..

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