Monday, November 17, 2008

Enough is Enough - Here are my thoughts...

Free bowling hurts all of us

I have been silent on all of the discussion about the free loaders and bowling moochers who at times really take advantage of the situation.

Let's first and foremost remember an important fact...a bowling center is a

Now it is a place where we all play, have fun, joke around and generally have a blast at...but it is not a playground or a day is a business.

And for those of us who have our own homes/condos and live in Crook County have to pay very high property taxes, heating bills, cooling bills, water bills, insurance, electric bills and on and on.

Now most of us don't have a house as large as River Rand Bowl, so just think what Craig has to pay for all of those bills.

Now look around and see how many people are bowling and drinking and do the math...I don't think barrels of money are being carried out each night. And Craig has a family that has to be fed and all of the other employees have bills the financial health of the bowling center is mandatory for it to stay in business.

Craig is a great guy...very, very generous to all of us BBT members. We try to reward him with our continued business and I think we put a moderate amount of $ back into the bowling center via the bar, etc. We all understand that life is a 2 WAY STREET...we get a place to go and call our own and the business gets our cash to help it operate.

For people who just take and take and take from Craig...get a clue...this is not some major corporation that you are taking are basically stealing from a really nice are making a chump out of him. Do you think that is right?

Let's do the math:
  • Lou's once a month church league 16 teams, $10.25 per bowler per night, $6,000 per year (9 Months) plus a pretty good bar.
  • Wednesday night men $11.75, 95 bowlers, $1,116.25 per night plus a great bar each week
  • Once a year women's tournament - last year 61 bowlers, 488 games bowled - @$2.00 per game, $976.00, @$3.00 per game, $1464.00 - Plus at best 100 soda's at the bar and a handful of beers purchased from the spectators.
Now last time I checked, Wazy, Kevin, Terry Caldwell or Lou doesn't tell Matza to "turn of 1 and 2" and then bowl game after game after game, because we feel we are "entitled" and then have a Rob, Ritti, Woody, Bill Switalski, Mike Delmonico, Mike Cullen or any of the other 100 "Wednesday night paying customers" jump on the pair and bowl for free also...

Let's all remember my point here...THIS IS A BUSINESS, without revenue and profits...there is no business, without a business we have no where to go. Stop making a Chump out of Craig when he is not there, show some respect for him and River Rand Bowl...if the Juniors are afforded bowling privileges, great, but the last time I checked...there are lots and lots and lots of games thrown by people over 21.

Let's just hope for all of our sakes, that they get a clue and are paying their fair share.


  1. Lou,

    While I agree with some of your comments... I disagree with the way you are going about this. I believe you should do some homework with regards to who bowls and who does not... I agree there are people that are not juniors that bowl... But most of them are in junior leagues... and as I stated before, Craig has every right to do with his Bowling Center as he wishes... No league officer, league bowlers, nor spectators have a right or a say so on HOW Craig runs his center... Yes, we can all give our "feedback" to Craig... But it is ultimately up to Craig if he wants something to change... NOT YOURS OR ANY OF US BLOGGERS! Some people DO take advantage... but again that is up to the OWNER to handle. When this blog first started it had a purpose... it was for information, updates for the BBT, and for fun... but at no point was it to rant or bitch about our own personal opinions. As i have mentioned in the past... some comments/people have gone overboard with certain topics... and what still amazes me is that people are quick to post comments here but will not say those same things to people face to face... If you do not like some one or do not agree with something, do not be two faced and act like you are a "friend" and be buddy buddy with others while trash talking behind there backs. My .02c

  2. yall is some stupid mother fu_kers... tripping and shit... you mother fu_kers dont own this place... who cares how much people pay. you guys have this gay ass blog where when someone goolges RRB it comes up... And they you rip on the business. If i was craig i would be more pissed at you fu_king people for saying bad shit about RRB. You think if someone googles RRB and reads this blog they are going to want to go there? I dont think so........ If i was the bartender i would need to smoke with all you cry baby little bitches running around all night.

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  4. Mother...I never thought I would talk to you thru a blog, but here it goes. If you owned a bowling center would you want your leagues to be happy or would you like to have a house full of disgruntled customers? If you have any business sense, or even common sense...a happy customer is a good customer. If a lot of people are complaining about the service then there is a problem. We are by no means the only folks that are unhappy about some things...not even close. Most of us have brought these issues up as longtime, dedicated league bowlers, and most importantly league officers. As a league officer you have the duty to do what is best for you league. You have have the duty to do what you can to make as many of your league bowlers as happy as you can. You also have the duty to try and make you league as big and good as it could be. I promise you that if the Wednesday B&I league didn't have the officers it has right now, that the league would not have 19 teams. It would be lucky to have 12. With all of that said...if an officer is trying to do what is best for his league and is getting no support from the staff, then there is a problem. There should be easy going communication between the staff/ownership so both parties are happy. When one or both of the parties aren't happy then there is a big problem and something has to happen. That is what is happening now.

    "who cares how much people pay."...well as a matter of fact I do, and my league does. Let me throw some numbers at you. I'll make it so you don't even need a calculator. The Wednesday league was raised $1.00 per bowler, per night for lineage, from last year. A $1 more, with 19 teams, 5 bowlers a team and a 34 week league comes out to be $3230. Now...would you want someone to charge you $3230 more for a car you are trying to buy, because the dealership has mismanaged something else? need to answer, I will do it for you...NO! However, if the dealership includes free lifetime oil changes, free life-time car washes, extends your warranty by 5 years, and adds a bunch of options you would like, then would you be willing to pay $3230 more? Wait...don't answer...YES you would. The product at RRB has been improved. You can see it instantly by looking at the new lanes and the reamped bar. Those are two extremely good reasons we are paying $1 more for lineage over last year.

    That is not what we are frustrated about. What we are frustrated about is some bowlers some how have the luxury to bowl for $1 a game...that is when it is actually collected. So, back to the calculator. Last year no money was collected at any time. There was anywhere from 40 games to probably 125 games bowled a night, over an 8 hour period or more. I believe league bowler rate was $2.25 per game last year. So...let's just say 40 games were bowled a night (and that is on the extremely low end) for 34 weeks.
    40 x 34 x 2.25 = $3060.
    Interesting...that is almost the same amount extra that our league is paying this year. Let's move to this year. When money is collected, those bowlers are paying $1 game this year. League rate for everyone else who comes in to practice is $2.25. That is $1.25 difference. Now let's assume that every week the $1 is collected. Let's also raise the number of games bowled to a more realistic number (which is a decent average...insider knowledge) of 70.
    70 x 34 x $1.25 = $2975
    Interesting again. So to summarize. Would you be happy if you were charged an extra $3230 for something, while at the same time, for the same product, someone else is getting a $3060 or $2975 discount on it? The polls are in...of course NOT!!!

    "you guys have this gay ass blog"....ok
    This "gay ass blog" was created because a few of us started bowling a version of pot games after league and then made a weekly tournament out of it. One of those bowlers has an eccentric personality and thought it would be great to blog about it. What this blog has done is expanded the "immediate friends only" tournament to a much talked about tournament. There are people that don't even bowl at RRB that come just to bowl in it. There are bowlers that bowl at RRB on other nights that ask about it all the time, and someone of them also bowl in it. What's all that mean? More money for the bowling center, by the use of free advertising. Not only in lineage, but definitely at the bar, and often times at the vending machines and video games. If Craig doesn't want that extra business, then we can fold it and call it a day. I'm pretty sure...talking for Craig...that he wants that business.

    "If I was craig I would be more pissed at you..."...very good point. That might be the only intelligent thing you have said yet Mother. Craig should be and has every right to be pissed at us. At the same time, Craig should do something about it. My first suggestion is to talk to us and figure out why we feel the way we do about any of these things. Craig knows how to find us. We also aren't scary people and we don't bite...well maybe Wazy does. We are there every Wednesday night between 7pm and at least 1am. Many of us are also there at about the same time frame on Monday nights...oh yeah, Craig also bowls in that league so he wouldn't have to make a special trip in. I speak only for myself, but I know my door is always open to discuss any of this with Craig.

    "If i was the bartender i would need to smoke with all you cry baby..."
    Let's see here...what if you walked into a McDonalds and stood around for 2 minutes waiting for someone to take your order. You look around and realize no one is there to help you, but you are really hungry and still want some food. You get a phone call from your brother (my uncle) and you go outside to talk with him for a couple of minutes. You finish your phone call and walk back in and yet again you find no one to help you. Yet, you are a very persistent person and you start walking around looking for help. You stumble upon the busboy and you ask him to help you. He's willing to help and takes your order, you get your food and you're out of there. Would you be happy about all that? I'm not answering this's not worth my energy to type it. That is the exact scenario that happens at RRB way too often. If a customer is not happy about something, they have the right to say something. I believe they call that the freedom of speech (see: Amendment I of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution). Let me know if you need help googlin' that (or is it "goolges"?)

    Before any of this stuff had come up this blog was nothing but great advertisement for Craig. The main core of people that read the blog and comment on it are very dedicated bowlers to much so to a fault (that's a figure of speech you may not understand so here's a reference website: ) If Craig wants us to stop complaining and stop blogging/commenting about our inquiries and do nothing about it, then I think we can take our service somewhere else. Let me see...we all bowl in at least one league at RRB, some bowl in 2, and some even bowl in 3. Most of us also bowl after league in a mini-tournament, that we also pay for, and continue to drink during. Some of us also bring our kids in to bowl. One of us has brought an entire league into the bowling center that fills the house at a time where it's usually a ghost town. One of us has helped the bowling center out, at any time it has needed, for whatever they have asked...over and over and over again, becausehe cares about the bowling center...Oh ya, he hasn't charged them one penny for it for the past 10+ years, and would never ever ask anything for it. A few of us have also become officers of a league that was dying...a league that at one time had 24 teams and had then dropped to 14 teams, in a 4 year period. Since those officers have taken over, two years ago, the league has gained 5 teams...would you care to name another league in the bowling center that has done that? My guess is not many leagues anywhere in the U.S. are having that success right now with the downfall of bowling centers, bowling leagues, and the economy.

    More calculator: 5 teams, with 5 bowlers, at $11.75 for lineage, for 34 weeks means...
    5 x 5 x 11.75 x 34 = $9987.50
    Do you think Craig would want us to bring in 5 new teams this year or not? Maybe we shouldn't state our opinion and just take our business somewhere else. He would want that much more right? That was a rhetorical question (see: )

    Now...with all that said. Next time you open your mouth to rant about something...
    1) As "CZR" says...come say this face to face.
    2) Know what the situation is and where it stands.
    3) And don't speak for someone else unless you are willing to back that. I don't know who you are and I really don't give a &$#@ who you are. What I do know is that Craig probably doesn't want you talking for him.

    A blog is "A personal or corporate website in the form of an online journal, with new entries appearing in sequence as they are written, especially as dealing with reflections or opinion, and typically incorporating links to other articles." Just as you had every right to speak your opinion (all be it...a "gay" one) we too have that same right to state our opinion or say whatever the &$#@ we want. This is America. Now, when everything settles down, and everything is worked out (sooner or later...hopefully sooner) the blog will be back to its initial intended purpose. To hype up RRB, to socialize amongst bowling friends, to give information about the BBT or our other RRB leagues, and last but not make fun of Lou...just kidding. We want the blog to have a good environment, with humor and fun, and good opinions about anything and everything. The blog and all of us want to see RRB be the best bowling center in the world with the best leagues in the world. We can only do that if we have some needed support from the bowling center itself. If the ship is sinking and they don't want us to help it, then it isn't bringing me with it (I can't swim).

    In conclusions...Mother, if you would like to have a face to face talk, or an email or phone chat then let me know. If you have any questions we can do the same. You don't have to hide behind your computer with your opinion.

    Craig, I love you.
    To all my fellow Americans...God bless you, and God bless America.

  5. Mother, if you are in college, you must have missed English 101, 102, 103 and write like a retard...or else you were high on crack at 2:30am when you wrote this eloquent comment.

  6. Reinfart, once again, you amaze me with your line responses...just brilliant...

  7. Wow, I never knew Rienfart could spell... lol... nor use Google & Wiki references’... well said kid!

  8. CZR...I appreciate the "compliment". You're so stupid you don't even know what vowels are. Let me help you... A,E,I,O,U...pick two of them and insert into your name.

  9. Reinfart, what do expect from an Illegal?

  10. Damn CZR...lose some weight?

  11. Lou, your unoriginal ignorant "Illegal" comments are getting old... kinda like your old and tired attire...

  12. Reinfart... lol you have way to much time on your hands... u suck at life!


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