Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BBT Thanksgiving Classic Tonight

Can Rob D. defend his title?

Last year Rob was the BBT Bowler of the year, winning a bunch of tournaments and the Thanksgiving Classic but this year, he can't beat his me_t.

What happened? Was last year a fluke? Did the new lanes take away his shot? Has he lost his confidence? Does he just blow? Currently in 10th place in points, he is not having a very good year. Is tonight the night?

Speaking of bowling like crap. What happened the the 1973 champ? Currently in 11th place on the BBT point list, he totally blows. Making only 1 cut out of 9 tournaments, it is a fuc_ing joke. Is it age? Is it ball selection? Is the end of his decent bowling over? We shall see.

For a recap of last years tournament see


  1. Hey lou, are you going to bowl tonight or just sit there and look like a hairy an_s???

  2. What if he bowls...can he still look like a hairy an_s?


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