Thursday, November 6, 2008

BBT Postponed Until 11/19/08

Lou V choked his Chicken failing to strike, LouDoo's lose

Due to the amazing ending of the first 3rd of the Wednesday Night League, the BBT was postponed until the week of November 19, 2008.

5 teams had a good chance to win and ultimately it played out that there was going to be a three way tie. It came down to the final ball to see which teams would make the playoff.

After the LouDoo's and their lousy anchor man, Lou V, didn't double in the 10th and Josh Partyka making his spare, Columbia Furniture won 4 points, eliminating the LouDoo's. Waz n' Friends won 5 over Power to Spare and the Cohens pounded the pee out of High Compresssion, to set up the three way.

Much discussion followed on what to do and they finally decided that the league rules stated that there must be a one game playoff.

With that in mind, 5 BBT regulars will be bowling in the roll-off next week thus postponing until the 19th of November.

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