Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Andy Loose Cashes in PBA Carmin Salvino Scorpion PTQ Qualifier

BBT's Andy Loose finishes 24th

Just to show you how tough the BBT is, our own Andy Loose finished 24th in the PBA Carmin Salvino Scorpion Championship today in Vernon Hills, IL.

Andy, shooting against 99 other bowlers shot great the entire 7 games with scores of 237, 228, 229, 215, 227 201 and 217 for a 1564 total and a 223.42 average.

Scores in the PTQ were very high as it took a 237 average to make the top 64 qualifying round.

Great bowling Andy and if you show up tonight, you will see if you can hang with the real big boys...Just kidding, great bowling the way, drinks are on you tonight with your winnings.


  1. Once again Andy, congrats on your PTQ efforts.

  2. It was nice to see you out there on the lanes tonight Sarah, you bowled really great. Congratulations!

  3. What the hell ya big douche. You would think being Italian you would not screw up CARMEN Salvinos' first name, maybe you should send your postings to me so I can proof read them.

  4. Maybe you thought Mr. Salvino has a GPS company named after him. Yep, I think that's where you screwed up.

  5. MISSING PERSON'S REPORT: An APBBT has been put out for the whereabouts of Justine Cronin who has not been seen since 11/12/2008 at a local BBT tournament. Anyone who has any information please post a blog at this address. Where is our little ray of sunshine?


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