Sunday, October 5, 2008

"This is the Year" of yet another choke

Cubs Blow again - This is the Year (of another choke)

Being a Sox fan, I don't understand the fascination with the Cubs. The team has not won a championship in 100 years, their ballpark, though historic, is a dump. The tickets are super expensive, parking is $40.00, it is impossible to get their by car, the beer is $5.75 per warm cup, the concourses are jammed because they are so small, the men have to urinate in a silver tub and if you don't sit in the bleachers...the only people in the stands are corporate moochers and old ladies.

So after last night defeat by the Dodgers the Cubs are done for another year. It was very entertaining for Cub haters. What was even more entertaining was listening to WGN radio after the game and hearing what the callers had to was like their parents just died, or they just found out they got syphilis or AIDS. Oh this is a disaster people said...hey is just a baseball game...get a life. Worry about important stuff like the Stock market and the presidential race.

I realize in our small lives we have to have something to cheer for...but it is over and now move on. If the products something else. Remember, if you keep going to your favorite restaurant even though the food sucks every time you go there you are a fool...

Sox fans don't go to the games when they suck...but Cub fans do so year after year after year with such anticipation and then get pimp slapped every time.

Remember, The Curse can not be overcome...


  1. What's the difference between a Cubs hotdog and a Sox hotdog?

    You can still get a Sox hotdog.

  2. "Sox fans don't go to the games when they suck..."

    Do they show when they win either?

  3. PJ, PJ, PJ...that is the lamest comment ever from you. If people go to the games when a team sucks...what does that make the people. Stupid...I went to a Cubs game, against my free will, this summer. Sat is great seats, 9th row, to the left of the visitors dugout, and right of the screen.

    The tickets were $85.00 a piece, parking was $40.00, Beers were $ expenditure...north of $400.00. If the team sucks...what kind of douceh would want to spend $400 to see crap.

    Sox fans are hard working, blue collar people that understand the meaning of a buck...and are not financial retards (though they may be retards)...Cub fans, who attend the games...are 20 somethings who don't care if they spend their last dime and old ladies who want to look at the ball players butts and dream about what it was like in the old days and hope, hope, beyond hope that the Cubs will win some century before they croak.

  4. My condolences to all the Cubs fans. The wake is being held at Wrigley today from 3pm to 9pm. Unfortunately, all the seats were sold right after the loss on Saturday. SRO seats will be made available at noon today, price TBD based on demand.

  5. Eddie Vedder will be singing the Eulogy.

  6. Is that why they have the lovely promotions like bring your dog to game day? Dollar dogs!!! Mullet night?!?

    Are you kidding me, those are thing you see at the Kane County Cougar games, at least the Schaumburg Flyers don't stoop that low.

    What they should try is if you have all your teeth you get in for half price.

    Cubs = Capitalism, Sox = Carnival

    PS: Rays in 5

  7. Sorry to see a disgruntled PJ ramble on. Those promotions and are given by an ownership who cares that their fans have a good time. The great Bill Veeck started it all. Nothing wrong about having a good time at a ball game wether your team is good or not. What the hell is wrond about getting a hotdog for a buck? Nice prediction , way to go out on a limb. Lou called the Cubs failure before the series even started.

  8. Yeah...3 and out...that should be the new rallying cry for the Cubs.

    Pj, you are a smart guy but when it comes to the Cubs/Sox you are an Idiot. The Sox have always been a blue collar crowd...and that is why Mullet day and Dog day are a riot and packed. The south siders show up with their normal haircuts and people bring their dogs dressed up in Sox uniforms.

    Like the Cubs for the last 100 years, the Sox are at times a dog team. and the dogs feel right at home.

    The "lemmings" go to see the Cubs because it is the thing to do. Not because they are truly fans. Wrigley is the largest tourist attraction in Illinois. Yes I said tourist different than Great America Amusement park. People go there for something to do...the Sox have real fans, the Cubs have tourists.

  9. What Wrigley Field are you at to get beers for $5.75? Last time I went they were $6.25!?

    The Cubs lose and the fans keep coming back, that is loyalty...the Sox win, and still can't even fill a park...

  10. Loose, sorry, the $6.25...that only makes it worse.

    With statements like this one, "The Cubs lose and the fans keep coming back, that is loyalty...the Sox win, and still can't even fill a park..."

    Proves you are a real Loose r

  11. Let's take this to another sport cuz Cubbie fans will defend to the death the whole fans at the park thing. Chicago Blackhawk fans are the most loyal fans in all of sport. Attendence way down the past 8 years, at least until last year. Put a good team on the ice and fans will come. They will even be on TV next year and still season tickets sales is up almost 20%. Why ? Put out a good product and fans will come.

  12. To everyone out there. The is a difference between loyalty and stupidity. The battered wife who aleays comes back to the hubby who beats her. Is she loyal or just stupid. It can't get any clearer than this.

  13. Wazy, you are is like you always buy Chevys and the cars suck...but you continue to buy a Chevy.

    That is not loyalty, that is stupidity.

  14. Hey, now wait a minute, I have a Chevy and it runs great. But I digress. I'm showing my age here a little, but back in the 70's and early 80's (Post 1969 failure, one of just many past and present) the Cubs absolutely sucked and you couldn't give away your box seats to that hole. It wasn't until they hired Harry Caray(former White Sox broadcaster) and went to the playoffs in 1984(another "COLOSSAL" failure) that the fans started to come back to the shrine(Dump) known as Wrigley. Those of us that are Sox fans, that had a realistic outlook on this season, knew the Sox weren't going all the way. We all had fun while it lasted, but it certainly isn't worth crying over. Although, Sox fans know the difference between a "Pretender" and the look of a real Champion!

  15. As I said from the start of the season all along, the team to beat is the Boston Red Sox. Two (2) out of the last four (4) World Series. Any National League team will be lucky, for the plain simple fact that the best teams are all in the American league and they will be beating up on each other before they even get to the World Series! Cubs and Sox both need a lot of help.

  16. I'm predicting the Red Sox in 6 over the Rays. It will be the Dodgers and the Red Sox in the World Series. Grudge match for Manny Ramirez, but the Red Sox will prevail. You heard it here, agree with me or not!

  17. Very good point MIke...The Cubs didn't start to draw until 1993 or so.

    Year Average
    1979 20,353
    1980 14,898
    1981 10,672
    1982 15,423
    1983 18,268
    1984 26,182
    1985 26,686
    1986 23,239
    1987 25,281
    1988 25,632
    1989 30,765
    1990 27,701
    1991 28,928
    1992 26,256
    1993 32,562
    1994 32,659
    1995 26,643
    1996 27,396
    1997 27,041
    1998 32,186
    1999 34,739
    2000 34,438
    2001 34,314
    2002 33,248
    2003 36,576
    2004 39,138
    2005 38,272
    2006 38,558
    2007 40,154
    2008 40,743

  18. Taking into consideration that Cubs fans are far superior to Sox fans, Wrigley averages about 5,000 more fans a game than at "The Cell" since it opened in 1991. I'm just wondering what they (CUBS) have done to utilize that extra $200,000,000 or so they have made off the fan base in ticket sales alone. It's not how much money you make or even how much you spend, but how wisely you spend the money you do make. It's a scary thought that many of the Cubs players are due for raises. Glad I'm not Jim Hendry right about now.

  19. I don't check for a day and look what happens. The point I was getting at is that the Sox need some sort of discount or gimmick to fill their park. The cubs fill the park regardless of any promotion, any cost of beer, or any team they are playing.

    Those are home attendance figures I assume Lou? Check to see the national draw the Cubs are in visiting parks' attendance. That and the sales of Cubs merchandise is where they get the money. The Cubs have a nation full of fans, not (less than) half a city's worth.

    Ironic that the Sox lose shortly after the Cubs to end their season and their fans could seemingly care less. Some people might call it a lack of faith or support for one's team, or as you would like to sugar-coat it...they clearly must 'have a life'.

    This coming from the same crowd (that I am a part of) that logs on to a bowling blog to discuss nothing more We clearly don't have lives in that respect, so I don't think anyone reading this is in much position to discuss the fact that Cubs fans don't have a life for caring about how their team finishes the season.

  20. Pj, Pj, Pj...

    What an articulate fellow you are. Your logic is correct, your points on Sox fans is correct, the observations on the Cubs from a merchandise, marketing and away draw is correct.

    I may act like a douche and say things to rile up the troops...but here is my final thoughts on the Cubs.

    I hate them, have always hated them and maybe I am jealous of them.

    They have masterfully marketed their team to the world...truly have fans nationwide and I am sure world wide. They sell out every game even though the park is a dump and difficult to drive there. And Wrigleyville is truly a site to see on game days. The Sox could only dream for that kind of atmosphere.

    And yes, Sox fans are different than Cub fans. How do you become a fan? Usually your parents move you toward a is on your parents TV or Radio when you grow up...or you go to your first game to Wrigley or in my case Comiskey Park. T

    That is a memory most of us keep for the rest of our lives. When I was a kid, I watched the Cubs on TV when I came home from school, along with the 8,000 people in the stands...for alot of us older guys, the Cubs were a joke...the neighborhood was a shit hole, the team blew and nobody went to the games, they worked during the day.

    Now going to a Cubs game is an event, like going to the Circus. They are the media darlings and I guess Sox fans are jealous, somewhat. Hey when the Sox won the World Series, I was at River Rand Bowl and about 5 people were let me tell you...this is like India against Pakistan, Black against white, Obama verus McCain, good against evil.

    This is an inbred feeling most of us have and when you are that deeply passionate about something, you speak with emotion and not facts.

  21. Lou, I love you as a black man.

  22. Lou would look very funny with shoe polish on his face.

  23. PJ..... I'm just as passionate about my team as the next Cubs or Sox fan. As far as the Sox fan not caring, I'm not sure who you have spoken to, but baseball is a sport and really doesn't affect my life the same way as say a loved one passing on our having open heart surgery. We all put things in perspective and priortize what is meaningful to us. As Lou already stated, before Wrigley ever had night games..... there attendance was very poor. But if you look at the figures he posted, you'll see that attendance always went up after a playoff year. With just about any team that would be true and those are the people that are the band wagon jumpers. Happens in all sports and all walks of life. People wanting to be seen and be a part of an event. What's happening now! When the team does poorly the people that jumped on jump right back off. And what you have left are the loyal fans that keep coming back and supporting. Something that always helped the Cubs in a weird way was the fact that the "TRIBUNE" owned them and the fans never really could direct there anger at an owner. There was no real face to the team, thus enabling them to market there stars and there broadcaster (Harry Caray). The Sox on the other hand are a team with a chairman named Reinsdorf who really turned off the fans several times by firing Haray Carey, threatening to move to St.Petersburg if the state didn't pay for a new park and ruining the Sox chances of winning a World Series in 1994 just to name a few. He lost a lot of fans because of the way he ran his team. A business will always do something out of neccessity, for example; a promotion. This is a very common practice in almost any type of business. To try and attract more customers. The Yankees will always be the model for success in baseball and surpass what any other team does. Ownership of the team has always set the bar very high as far back as the days of Babe Ruth. I myself as Lou did, watched Cub games after coming home from school and when my Dad found out, he was pissed. I just loved baseball and would watch a game anytime if I wasn't playing it with my buddies. P.J., your enthusiasm is refreshing and I always enjoy that about a person. The same thing that set us apart it what makes us the same. I have nothing to be jealous over. My favorite team has done pretty well in the recent past and that's what makes it just a little more enjoyable to watch. Wait til "Next Year"!


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