Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sox Lose - Fans handle it with class

A superior Tampa team celebrates their victory while Dye looks forward

No problem. Unlike the hysterical Cub fans, Sox fans move on. No moaning, no end of the world, no "oh they broke my heart again"...they just plain lost. Yeah sports is fun to watch and follow and baseball provides 7 months of "entertainment" but when it ends...let it go people.

The Sox lost yesterday and I felt bad, for 1 second...they were lucky to get that far. Does that make me not a fan because I am not hysterical or suicidal? I am no longer 12 years old and can face the facts winning is not everything.

So my final advice for Cubs fans...get a life. And as they old saying goes, "Wait Until Next Year" when Ron Santo will announce for the 101 time..."THIS IS THE YEAR"!!!

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  1. The Sox motto could always be....'Wait till, oh wait, I could care less'

    How many hours do you invest over the course of the season watching the games, checking scores, even on a casual level?

    If I spend that much time on something, I certainly would value the outcome more than '1 second of feeling bad'.

    Since you are able to lump the masses of Cubs fans together, I can judge from your statements all the Sox fans would be the same lump of casualness as well. Am I doubting they are true Sox fans, no. What I would say is that if they are that casual, then the quality of fans the Sox have are truely pitiful. Have some devotion to your team, perhaps some personal emotional investment. Were you happy for 'just 1 second' when they won the whole thing? Or were all of the fans suddenly hard-core die-hard fans?

    Have some consistancy, perhaps like the Cubs. We may lose, but we have fans who care when we do.

    Cubs Fan's Good Day: Cubs Win
    Sox Fan's Good Day: Cubs Lose....and did the Sox even play?

    If you want to debate that thought, remember a certain remark: "This is so great" feel free to ask Lou about that one.


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