Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Chris Matza Wins Doubles
Makes more in a night than he does in 2 weeks

Early in the season when the handicaps are inflated either by baggin' (Gimenna) or just plain crummy bowling (Lou) the Pots can be won with some low scores; and that is was happened last night.

Matza and Hal Pollock won doubles with 512 and Matza came in second with 506 with George Stimac, happy for Chris, now maybe he can buy a new River Rand shirt without a hole in it. (under the arm). Cesar, subbing again shot 258 and came in 3rd with Ryan B shooting 488.

3rd scratch was won by John Newman with a healthy 256 and HOLE-man came in second with only a 211. That 211 was all Hole-MAN needed to win King Scratch with Ryan shooting only 203 to come in second.

Instant clean was won by Lou V. for the 2nd time in three weeks with 16 clean, thanks to Krone and Bob J for their kindness in getting 14 and 15 clean respectively. And the biggest joke of the night was Lou V. winning Handicap King with a 226 (187) scratch..even a bigger one is Wazy and Ryan B came in second with 211. Remember...that included handicap.

Which brings up the subject of lanes conditions. They fuc_ing blow. On lane 11, if you hit the 15 board, you ball reacted normally, but if you hit the 17 board, you missed the head pin left. It seems that a bunch of pairs are reacting like that...and what about not breaking down on synthetic lanes...these bitches are breaking down faster than a 55 year hooker.

What the F is that Craig? Clean the god damn oil machine...or stop Krone from oiling the lanes and bring back Doug...by the way, where is Doug? Did he Pass on? Drink one too many beers...and float away in the flood?

Otherwise, not much happened last night...but once again...nice scenery in the bags league...

I will be away for the next 2 Mondays in Australia...so don't miss me too much. I will try to post from Australia if they have internet there...


  1. A news report just aired on the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network that there is a group from the Phillipines making a bid for the Cubs. If the group is successful in purchasing the "CUBS", they plan on changing the name to the, "Manila Folders".

  2. Have a good trip Lou


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