Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday Madness - Cesar gets 30 pins of handicap

Cesar-Fritz-Gimenna-Linker-Benevidas wins Doubles with Matza
has 30 pins of handicap$!@#$!@#$!@#$!@

Now I am not saying anything except for fact. Cesar, the guy who averages at least 210 and used to bowl 1000 games a week practice, got 30 pins of handicap Monday night and won doubles and other pots.

Now I am not insinuating anything but...30 pins of handicap...? Whats that about? Kind of makes me think...how about you? Now the shot on Monday blows and I am getting 35 pins of handicap, but I suck...but Cesar throw a ton of ball and went to the pay window repeatedly.

Here are last nights winners:

Handicap King Score
Steve Turk 269
Saffold 244
Ceasar 241

Scratch King
Saffold 213
Cbagger 212

Cesar/Matza 528
Cesar/Al Brown 523
Matza/Stimac 512

Cesar 11

3rd Scratch
Saffold 213
Cesar 212

So this got me thinking of a new name for Cesar...now I realize that he is a Tea-bagger so how about the new name of C-Bagger, yeah C-Bagger, I like that....

Other news -
After 2 weeks in Australia I discovered that Craig Kouros is still a douche bag. The house finally started to decorate for Halloween...probably will decorate for Christmas on the 22nd of December, where's Hole_man? The bags league continues to bring in some scenery, Ritti showed up last night...the wife must have taken the ball and chain off for an hour, Rob D is still bald, Wazy still fat and Frankie B. is still a douche. It was good to be back with the idiots on my team and to drink American Beer again.

C-Bagger...that has a real good ring to it...


  1. Is that the same Al Brown that won the Hoinke about 20 years ago?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Good question Mike...someone else asked that. I don't thinks so.


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