Sunday, October 26, 2008

lousbowlingblog sold!

Reinfart - New owner of lousbowlingblog

Since I spent so much money in Australia, and apparently was not missed by anyone of you douche bags, I decided to officially sell lousbowlingblog to Reinfart. Everyone liked his work so much that I decided this would be best and you can have your wish.

When I read that poll, I just couldn't believe that my so called "friends" would so quickly throw me to the curb. "Use you and then toss you out like a used "raincoat".

So after talking to Kev, he made me an offer I "couldn't refuse" and I took it. Look for more of his wit and unique humor in the coming months.

It was great while it lasted, but like they say...every horse has his day and mine has passed me by. Enjoy the blog before Kev has one of his famous "hissy fits"...and cancels the blog for good.


If you swear, hide the works like Fu_k etc.

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