Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kevsbowlingblog change over begins...

The poll has closed and the readers have spoken...

Some people liked Lou's blurbs/antics (17%)
Some people like Lou's money (5%)
Some people like the quietness on a non-Lou night (5%)
Some people get Lou confused with other Lous (17%)

But in a suprise vote 58% of the readers are ready to kick Lou to the curb and change the website to Kevsbowlingblog.

So to make the readers happy, the powers that be are in the process of making the change over. In the coming days you will see the slow change over. Any suggestions are welcome.

For the record...some of us still love you Lou, woo hoooo woo hoo hoo, woo hoooo woo hoo hoo...

Have a good time in Australia. Looking for you to come back as an assistant to Kevsbowlingblog.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty good Kevin! LOL! So Lou would be your "BLOG BITCH"!


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