Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kev's Korner - October 31st

When "Editor in Chief" Lou went to Australia for two weeks the all important duty of updating the blog was left to me..."Reinfart". No one knew how it would turn out, but after two weeks there were plenty of compliments. Once again, I thank you all. Everyone loved my articles so much that they thought I would be a good compliment to Lou's already entertaining blog. With all of that said, welcome to the first "Kev's Korner". This will be a weekly article of...well who knows. It will probably contain Wednesday night league stuff, BBT stuff, stats, bowler interviews, my opinions/view points and maybe some humor.

Next week is the final position round to determine the first third winner. I'm not sure I have seen a trimester have this many teams with a mathematical chance. Here are the standing/match-ups for next week. All 6 of these teams can win the trimester.

Two things to keep in mind with this close of a race. All teams need to be prepared to bowl a roll-off game if there is a tie for first. If there is a roll-off there will be a slight delay in the start of the BBT so that I can get the roll-off organized and started.

First of all congratulations to Paul for kicking my butt and the rest of the field. Congratulations to Dan as well. That goes for your bowling this week and your upcoming wedding. Once again, awesome job by Justine. She seems really comfortable amongst the boys.

What the hell is up with Lou? 9 weeks bowled and only 1 cut made. He has missed the cut by 9 pins, 7 pins and now 1 pin. Keep your confidence up Lou. Don't look backwards, look forward. Things will turn around.

Next week will be our first ever "Doubles Event". A lot of bowlers seem excited about its debut. The Board of Directors have a couple of kinks to workout in the format. We should be posting the format tomorrow. At that time we will take any thoughts/suggestions on the format. One of the bowlers to help make the format suggestion was Fritz...I wonder if he'll bowl or still complain about the format.

Average scratch score for all BBT games bowled: 198.82

Average 2-game cut: 440.70 (6 weeks above/4 weeks below)
Highest 2-game cut: 461
Lowest 2-game cut: 416
Average difference in making the cut and first person out of cut: 5.27

At least 8 games bowled...
High scratch game: 300 (Paul & Waz)
Low scratch game: 112 (PJ)

High handicap game: 319 (Waz)
Low handicap game: 138 (Dan)

High scratch qualifying series (2 games): 568 (Paul)
High handicap qualifying series (2 games): 599 (Justine)

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: $387...the amount of lineage paid by the 2008/2009 BBT to date.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and for all of you that have safe!!!


  1. Oh man, the number of the week is great! Well, not the actual number itself, but you know...

  2. Welcome to our newest commentator Kevin Reinfart. This is just great...I personally look forward to a different insight. Others are also welcome to buy $pace on the blog to put up your opinion.

  3. Wonder what the numbers are for "COMP LANE"?

  4. I want Justine or Paul as a partner, whoever bowls better. LOL! Seriously, it should be a blast. Just to start, match play right from the start, teams bowl on same pair and players bowl alternate frames. It will go twice as fast and think it will be fun. Just a thought before actual fomat is posted. Happy Halloween Everybody!

  5. Here's my thought on a Baker format...this is a copy and paste from a discussion the Board already had...

    "If I get matched up with PJ I have zero chance. We wouldn’t have any string of strikes. Since my portion of our team handicap would be very low, we would be fu_ked. However, if I’m matched with PJ in a regular format then him and I have an even chance as anyone else. Baker and handicap are not a good thing. Imagine PJ and I vs. Paul and Andy in a baker format. They would be able to string strikes like they are used to, but PJ and I couldn’t."

    PJ, nothing against you, I am just using you as an example. In a regular doubles format I would take you any day.

  6. Was that the time you woke up or was this an answer just before bedtime?

  7. One of the criteria could be pairing the highest handicap average with the lowest one for the pairings. Not to offend anyone, but I think for this format it should only be people that have bowled a certain amount of weeks.( not sure where cutoff should be) You now have established a pattern and eveyone can be paired up fairly, no wildcards so to speak.

  8. Maybe a 4 week minimum unless you have a BBT average from last year.

    Hypothetical (ONLY) Pairings Example:
    Paul(1) & Kyle(10) = 416.14
    Andy(2) & Rob(9) = 403.83
    Kevin(3) & P.J.(8) = 404.53
    Mike R(4) & Lou (7) = 402.78
    Waz(5) & Justine(6) = 406.54

  9. First, we don't know who is and isn't going to bowl until that night. That will be one more thing we would have to figure out (seedings). There is already going to be a lot of stuff going on at the same time. Lanes turning in their sheets, brackets being printed, brackets being paid, figuring out who is bowling, assigning lanes...and all of that doesn't take into account having to watch the possibility of a roll-off in league, that I have to watch. The more figuring out to do, the less attractive it is to me.

    Second, if we keep it random, no one has a good excuse to complain about their partner. It isn't predetermined.

    That was just before I went to bed.


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