Thursday, October 23, 2008

Justine Leads Wire-to-Wire...Makes BBT History as first Woman Champion

David vs. Goliath ... Billy Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs ... Mike D. vs. Justine???

BBT history was made Wednesday night as Justine became the first female to win a BBT tournament. She not only won it, but she basically went wire-to-wire by leading qualifying and following it up with 3 impressive match-play wins.

To the details...

As is becoming the norm, the cut came down to a few pins between a few bowlers. Justine and Kyle ran away with qualifying with two strong games a piece. Andy struggled the first game, but was close enough to attack with a second game of 279...pesky 4-pin in the 8th for all that are curious.
There was then an 11 pin difference between 4th place and 8th place. Only 6 were to make the cut. PJ squeaked through with 449 and Waz with 446. Gimena came up just short, in his second tournament, with a 438.
That left just 1 spot and two bowlers. Mike R. finished up early with a 444. He felt he gave away some pins and was disappointed. When he looked up he realized that Mike D. wasn't finished and needed to strike out to tie him on the cut line. Without knowing how much pressure there was Mike D. stepped up and got every pin he could by stuffing three in the hole. Later on he said, "I wasn't sure how close to the cut I was, but I felt that every pin might have mattered." His inner feeling wasn't a fart, it was a good analysis. That left brought us to a 9th and 10th frame roll-off. It was realitively uneventful with Mike D. coming out on top.
Other qualifying notes...
- Welcome back to Dee; her first BBT appearance of the season. She helped contribute to another BBT first of two female bowlers in the same tournament. She missed a couple of late 2nd game spares and just missed the cut.
- Kevin blew a makable spare in the first game and one in the second and it cost him.
- Brian, sponsored by Danny, made a rare apprearance. Welcome back to Brian. He really couldn't get anything going and fell well short of the cut.
- Rob D. blows.
- Danny, please don't call me Jenital or I'll kick Lou's @$$, made his BBT debut. He got off to a bad start and never recovered. The BBT welcomes you and would like to see you back.


Kyle vs. Waz
This was a pretty quiet match. Not much to report other than congrats to Waz not finishing in last this week. Kyle sailed through 216 to 192.

Andy vs. PJ
This was a tight match most of the way through. Andy strung some strikes, but PJ was holding his own. Andy finally had enough and pulled away by striking out in the 9th and 10th, shutting PJ out with a 266. PJ's only hope was to move on with the biggest loser position with a 226. He had to look on to the following match to find out if he did or not.

Justine vs. Mike D.
This may have been the match of the night. This was a scoring fest from frame one. Hot off of her 511 qualifying score Justine continued on her roll throughout the match. Mike D. hung in there and finished strong for a 244 scratch, 269 handicap. Justine looked around and realized she could fallback on the biggest loser position, but wanted to send a message. She went up in the tenth and stuffed all three in the hole for a 226 scratch, 272 handicap. This may have been a sign of things to come.


Justine vs. Kyle
This match was over before it started. Kyle said he didn't want to beat her, but he just wanted to win. If you don't want to beat the heck out of your opponent, just forfeit and save us the time, because you don't have much of a chance to win. It was an ugly match early with both bowlers struggling. There were 6 opens between the two in the first 5 frames. Justine eventually found her confidence and put the match away 222 to 172.

Mike D. vs. Andy
After shooting 279 and 264 in consecutive games on this pair, Andy looked to continue his high scoring. However, he ran into a wall. It wasn't Mike D., it was himself and the pair...they just stopped matching up. Andy struggled early but stayed clean. Mid-game it looked like he might start warming up and ran into a horrible break leaving the 4-10 on a not-so-bad shot. Mike D. just treked along and finished with a solid 233. Andy disappointedly finished with a 179.


Mike D. vs Justine
These two had already met in the Quarterfinals with the match of the night. How was this one going to setup? Mike D. stayed clean early and Justine started with an open and then a double. They stayed real close for the middle of the match and then Justine plowed the nose and carried the 6-7-10. Mike D. went up a frame later and left a split. He later missed a 2-pin and it was basically over. Justine finished the championship match ahead of Mike D. 211 to 195. Awesome bowling throughout the night by both.

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  1. Justine, great, great job becoming the first woman BBT champion. I knew you could and would do it.


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