Monday, October 13, 2008

Had bus tour of the city today...Sydney is absolutely beautiful

As I learned today,Sydney has over 4 million people and is an incredible city...beautiful, wonderful people, very, very diverse and a really cool place.

Went to several beaches being the world famous Biondi beach...huge with 1000's of people and lots of topless women...and there weren't skanks...I mean some great shapely hooters...(sorry girls if you see this). I tried not to look...but there were so many, you couldnt' avoid them.

Drove over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, went to the Opera house, and every other major feature in the city.

Now lets hope the stock market stop dropping so that I can afford to come home.

See you the in the mid 70's, crystal blue skies.


  1. You sure you weren't just dreaming while taking the tour?

  2. What!....No pics of Kangaroos running through the streets? We all would like to see some evidence of this mythical "TOPLESS" beach.


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