Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dead Kangeroos and Camels on side of the road, make for an interesting drive

Landed in Ayers Rock Airport and there were a million flies...they blow.  Drove 3.5 hours to Kings Canyon Australia and saw at least 6 dead kangaroos and one dead camel on the side of the road.

We were warned to NOT DRIVE AT I know why...but the place is unbelievable...Slater was is so expensive you could puke.  Cigarettes $13.00 per pack, a six pack of beer $13.25, a small pizza $18.00 etc.

Spent 2 days in Kings Canyon, had an incredible walk in the canyon, then drive 4 hours to Ayers Rock...with 4 hours of nothing...if your car breaks are Fuc_ed...seriously.  We had to take 4 large bottles of water with us...I mean there is nothing for 1000's of miles.   Pretty cool.

Last 2 days at Ayers Rock where they have these massive rocks formations.  This is aboraginie I thought the Navaho indians were ugly...put a dress or a pair of pants on a Gorilla, and you have an Aboriginie.  They are really, really one butt ugly race of people.  I am not kidding...they are scary looking.

Otherwise, great trip, having a blast and off to the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow.

Nice poll Kevin, you blow.  See you anus's soon.

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