Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Buy a Mercedes or go to a Cubs Game?

Well, yesterday I thought it couldn't get any worse...but now someone is asking $54,860 for 1 ticket to the 4th game of the World Series at the Shrine aka Wrigley Field.

Now a rational person would take that money and buy a Mercedes, a boat, 2 Toyota Camrys or pay for 2 years of college...but a Rich, Stupid, retarded Cubs Fan would buy that ticket just to say they were there...

No wonder this world if f'd up...


  1. Or you could buy an entire section for the only home game the sox will see in the playoffs, game 3.

  2. Nice! I'd buy the Mercedes and shuttle the "Cubs Fans" to the game for a nominal fee. If there willing to pay that kinda dough for a ticket, than I'm pretty sure they'd pay at least a $1,000.00 for a ride in style to the park! Than I'd sit in the McDonalds lot across the street and watch as "FANS" leap to there death when the Cubs get eliminated on a ninth inning homerun by MANNY RAMIREZ in game five!

  3. Mike you are correct...the Fire Department across the street better have 1,000 ambulances ready to take the people that kill themselves after the Cubs lose in game 4.

    Bartman rules...

  4. If anybody wants to know the whereabouts of Steve Bartman, just for good luck of course. You can find him at Melas Park on Sunday nights playing in a Co-Ed Softball League wearing a St.Louis Cardinals hat!

  5. All those bombs you saw Manny hit, how many were against teams where their wins mattered? They weren't so they still pitched to him. Simple, he has no one behind him that scares pitchers, so he'll get walked all series long.

    I'll be hoping that the sox make the world series this year...we'll be waiting for them.

  6. Speaking as a Sox fan, and a baseball fan. The Cubs will probably get to the series. As of right now they are probably the 3rd best team in the playoffs. Angels and Tampa being 1 and 2. Let's all remember, there are no curses, just bad excuses. Let's try to keep it nice for when it is all done is when one should yap it up

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  8. What I don't understand with all of the idiot Cub that is is "assumed" that the Cubs will make the World Series...

    That is plain stupid. They still have to play the games and lost quite a few in September. I have never seen anything like this...Sox fans are just hoping they win tomorrow...and not keep talking about when they play the Dodgers in the Series.

    Once again, Cub fans are retarded idiots and mostly queer.

    October 1, 2008 4:02 PM


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