Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BBT Week 8 continues tonight

BBT '08 Week 8 Continues Tonight

We have bowled for 7 weeks but only have 4 different winners so far. Reinfart, Bober and Wazy have won 2 times each and Andy Loose once. What about the rest of us?

Where is Cesar and Dee? Move to Mexico? What happened to Rob, a 5 time winner last year? What about Mike Ritti...bowling great in league and blows in the BBT.

Holeman...where are you on Wednesday? We don't like you, but we like your money...Just kidding Chris...I like you...sort of...

Is Lou washed up...well if I don't win tonight, I am not bowling the next 2 weeks...(well even if I win, I am not bowling the next 2 weeks as I will be in Australia)...Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...when will you get a break and win? You have been the tough luck Chuck of the year so far. I am sick of seeing the thigh slap.

Wonder why Dan has not been a factor so far...? Sure has the talent...Frankie get you ass over to the high side of the house and stop big puss. Where's Fritz...the Mangina won't bowl because his handicap is not what HE thinks it should be. We miss Shawn...nice guy, good loser and decent bowler. Delmonico, keeps knocking on the door...should win soon as he is bowling better for sure.

PJ, like the may be another 100 years before you win if you keep dropping the ball....lift, lift, lift...repeat after me...L I F T the ball you big douche. Kyle, if you stop being such a nice guy and try to beat someone, you probably will. Big Rob F, alright already, it has been 6 weeks of league...get you butt in and win again.

Gimenna, said he wants to bowl...hope he doesn't think he is getting 20 pins of handicap...Jack W., we like you Jack, nice guy, good competitor and sure likes his politics.

Prediction for upset. A new winner will added to the list of Champions.


  1. Bober and I will be at the BBT tonight, but we might be running late. Our basketball game is at 9:30 tonight, which means we should be done at 10:20-ish, which means we SHOULD get to RR by 10:30-ish

    Regardless, we'll be there.



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