Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Battle of the Sexes" Comparisons

The title match got me thinking about the similarities to the "Battle of the Sexes" match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Quick history lesson to any youngsters that don't know anything about historic sports or have been locked in a dark closet all of their life. A washed-up old-man named Bobby Riggs challenged a younger women's pro named Billie Jean King to a tennis match. To make a long Kasten story short it was a huge women's rights event. Read up on it some time. Anyways, back to similarities for all that know what I'm talking about...

Bobby Riggs: 55 years old (during match)
Mike D. : 50-ish

Bobby Riggs: Past his prime
Mike D. : Past his prime

Bobby Riggs: Loved to run his mouth
Mike D. : Loves to ask questions

Billie Jean King: 30 years old
Justine: 20-ish

Billie Jean King: In her professional prime
Justine: Prime still to come

Billie Jean King: Women's rights activist
Justine: Ummm....don't know what to say...she spanked us

Billie Jean King: Licks carpet
Justine: No comment

Justine: Wore a tie dye during BBT
Billie Jean King: Tie dye era

Ok there aren't a lot of similarities between Mike D. and Bobby Riggs, but after doing even more thinking and some in-depth research I came across a lot of similarities to someone else...

Bobby Riggs: 55 years old (during match)
Mystery Guest: 50-ish

Bobby Riggs: 1939 Wimbeldon Singles Champ
Mystery Guest: 1973 NJCAA Champ

Bobby Riggs: Past his prime
Mystery Guest: 1973 NJCAA Champ...Reminder: this is 2008 folks

Bobby Riggs: Loved to run his mouth, a real showman
Mystery Guest: The blurt out master, a real showman

Bobby Riggs: Baited and used cat calls to Billie Jean
Mystery Guest: Woo hoooo woo hoo hoo, Woo hoooo woo hoo hoo

Billie Jean: Licks carpet
Mystery Guest: Unconfirmed

Billie Jean: 1968 Australian Open Singles Champ
Mystery Guest:

Bobby Riggs:

Mystery Guest:


  1. Billie Jean King: Licks carpet
    Justine: No comment

    Nice! lol

  2. Whoever wrote the storyline, it's hilarious!

  3. oh my god. that is classic. kev did you come up with that? oh and great title .. KEV'S BOWLING BLOG... that is great... what made you think of that ?

  4. Just one correction to the editor, I never had a prime. I quit bowling when I was 16 and didn't return until I was 37. So there! LOL!

  5. Delmonico said...
    "Whoever wrote the storyline, it's hilarious!"

    This is Kevsbowlingblog...who else do you think wrote the story line? Thank you for the compliments.

    "oh and great title .. KEV'S BOWLING BLOG... that is great... what made you think of that ?"

    Just following the suggestions of the poll.

  6. Too funny! That might be the best write-up of a BBT that i've seen! Well done Kev

  7. Kev,
    Awesome job on the blog. Once dickhead gets back, I, as well as others, would like to see a weekly
    Kev's Korner segment on the blog.
    BOWLINGBLOG.COM hey Kev, did you think that one up on your own? How about RIVER RAND BOWL? How did you come up with these, you're fckin hilarious.

    Couldn't resist guys.

  8. Kevin, of course I know you wrote it you little genus. But I,m sorry, I'll have to take a wee bit of credit for your inspiration. Last year I proposed a "Battle of the Sexes" match between Lou & Dee, which never happened. Great job nevertheless and some nice pics to go with the story as well. I'm surprised you turned down the ICE CREAM last night. Kev's Corner has a nice ring to it, but I'm pretty sure you like the sound of KEV'S BOWLINGBLOG even better.

  9. I really don't want a that would be way too much work. I have already talked with Lou about getting a Kev's Korner and we both think it would be a good idea. Waz, great minds think alike...I was already going to call it Kev's Korner.

    Again, thank you all for your comments. Suck up like this to Lou when he gets back.

  10. Kevin, this is some funny shit. What a great job you did filling in for me.


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