Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wizard of Waz is back! Finishes with a 5 bagger to pin the lose on Loose

Andy Dominates in qualifying gets edged out by Waz in 10th

Very interesting night Wednesday as the Wizard of Waz put on a clutch display that was most impressive and won his first BBT title of the 2008 season.

After opening the championship match with 3 opens in the first 5 frames and down 45 pins in the fifth...the match was o.v.e.r in the minds of the crowd.

But wait...there's more...Andy splits in the 7th, giving Wazster a slight chance and up steps Mr. Clutch who pounds the hole in the 8th, 9th and 3 in the 10th to force Andy to double in the 10th to win.

Andy steps up, hits the shot with all he has and comes up high, leaving the 3/6 and that was that...a true super clutch performance for Wazy and a close second for Andy. Final score 192/208 - 193/200. (Andy was not pleased).

Here is how it played out: 10 Bowlers, 2 game qualifier and the top 4 made the cut. Single elimination match games and a Championship round. Here are the details:

2 Game Qualifier

1 Andy 7 235 233 482
2 Waz 16 200 190 422
3 PJ 52 147 170 421
4 Justine 48 165 159 420
5 Lou 28 165 190 411
6 Dennis 27 154 200 408
7 Rob D. 20 198 166 404
8 Mike D. 26 167 171 390
9 Kevin 5 200 176 386
10 Mike R. 14 156 176 360

Scores were super low this week as Andy dominated qualifying by 60 pins over Wazy, Pj made the cut again and welcome to Justine, (from the Summer Doubles League) our 2nd BBT female bowler, who made the cut in her first tournament. Nice going Justine.

1 Andy 7 248 255
4 Justine 48 146 194

2 Waz 16 199 215
3 PJ 52 157 209

Unfortunately for Justine...she met super hot Andy in the Semi's and he took her out to perverbial shed and won easily 248/255 to 146/194. Waz and PJ on the othe hand had a great match that came down to the 10th frame with PJ needing a double to advance to the finals...not to be, going Brooklyn and leaving a "solid" 5 pin. Wazy wins, 199/215 to 157/209.

The lanes blew as 13/14 were super tight, 17/18 fried and 21/22 messed up. The house is going to have to get the shot under control...

Lou's Views

Another fun night in league. Looks like some really decent new teams, with good guys, Matt's scratch pots are off to a good start and the Handicap ones should start in a week or so. It was good to see Sip and wondering why Frankie didn't bowl...was he manstrating? Oopps he was taking a lesson...hey if I was as good as Frankie...I wouldn't be taking lessons...come on up and get you arse over to bowl with the big boys and girls.

Where is Cesar and Dee...? Was Cesar deported? Is Dee still mad at Wazy? Come on Dee, we tease ya, but still want your money...

Boy Dennis is having no fun in the BBT...mising the cut by 1 pin, 2 pins and now 12 pins. I would say that he really sucks, but he is just having lots of bad luck. Hang in there Dennis...we need 50+ representation.

Hey Fritz...when are you going to bowl? You blow but you can still join us...

Back to back to back ... NOT!! Reinfart denied. Never been done yet...

Congrats to Wazy...nice shooting...and Andy, hang in there. You will win your share. Just not against the 1973 champ.


  1. It was a VERY impressive finish by Waz...he saw the move and I completely missed it. To be honest, towards the end of the match, I was just trying not to lose...and sure enough, Waz beat me. Very well played. :-)

    Lou...the 1973 champ...was that the last time you won anything? You blow.

  2. Loose, u blow. If you spent more time trying to win and not texting your might have beat the Wizard of Waz...

    Next time leave your fingers off the keyboard and pay attention to the freight train that mowed your ass off the lanes...

    Take that you big douche.

  3. Hey, when are the points standings going to be posted? I wanna see where Lou sits in the standings...

  4. Why pay $22 to bowl 2 to 5 games when you can bowl into the wee hours of the morning for free and not care?

  5. Not that I have anything to brag about, but Andy, that was a true Chicago Cub fan effort last night. There's always "Next Week"! You'll win your share. Maybe we should have a 35th Anniversary party for Lou. Give it up Kevin. Wouldn't you spend $30 in gas money to bowl for free. Waz, that was a mighty fine performance last night. We all enjoyed the non-Lou to preserve the victory. When are the points standings going to be posted?

  6. When are we going to have a BBT Doubles tournament? Lou, nice gratuitous shot of the young lady.

  7. Hey Mike, you big jag...what is a non-lou? And a 35th anniversary party would be great.

    I want Vodka, 20 ounce old styles and cash for gifts.

  8. Just for you douche bags who don't pay attention. Last year Lou had a poll on wether or not a hambone was cool or not. I came up with a system that obviously Mike D. remembered. A non Lou is 4 in a row, for how often that happens. A non Lou +1 would be 5 in a row. Silly little Lou.

  9. Thanks Andy, you bowled awesome once again. Well said Kev. Maybe we should just have a BBT practice tournament so we too can take advantage of a very generous host in Craig. I mean, with all the money those guys bring into the bar and open bowling fees they spend. The house owes them at least 10-15 free games a night.

  10. I'll bring you a bottle next week!

  11. Maybe we can change the name to the "FreeBBT"!

  12. Mike,

    I can send you the schedule we have set for the BBT.


    Email me...I lost your email.

  13. The standings will be posted soon. I have been very busy with other things. Some of the rules have changed (averages/handicaps and points), so I have had to make updates to the spreadsheets which is taking time.

    Sorry for the delay.


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