Friday, September 5, 2008

PBA Fantasy League Now Forming

PBA Fantasy League to form...Interested?

Last year we had a PBA Fantasy League of our own using the PBA's fantasy league site. It was lots of fun and Sip beat out the 1973 champ in a race so was hard to believe.

This year, I am proposing a change...1. I win and 2. we put our money where our mouth is. With that in mind, how about some suggestions about purse etc. Please leave your ideas in the comments section so that we can make the league as fun as possible.

I am presuming that the PBA will have the Fantasy League again...but we won't know until it is posted on their web site. Just want to be proactive.

For those of you who were not in last is the site:


  1. A little wagering never hurt anyone.

  2. Mike, you better study...up...that Sip was a good picker last year.

  3. Yeah, the two of you did well. I really blew!

  4. Me and Tittie will be in the leaguebut we could care less who the hell wins . We will pick our ten and stick with them all year . Points will matter but who evers team actual cost goes up the highest will also count. Don't have enough time or could really care to do physco computer analysis. Notice the word anal in the last word. Yep, anal.

  5. So, anybody else wanna join the league?

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  7. did not want to sign in but I would like to join



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