Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monkey Spanker Award Returns

Wazy Wins Monkey Spanker Award - Rivals Lou's 5 "Mully" 5

For the last 2 years I have been hearing Wazy, Tittie, PJ and others talk about my performance in the 40 Framer in Reno. I got a 5 pin wash-out took a mulligan and got the Greek Church...(a 5 pin count) thus 5 Mully 5.

But this reporter just learned that the 5 Mully 5 may be history as Wazy had the first 9 strikes in a row Monday and then left the 3/4/6/7/10 on his tenth ball, if my match is correct...that is a 5 PIN COUNT. Now he told me that he hit a dry spot...(yeah right) and the ball jumped...but I think that is a bunch of bull sh_t.

With no doubt in my mind...he pulled a HOLEMAN and spanked his monkey...real good. I can see a solid 10, blow out 7, a 4 pin maybe a 1-2 but a 5 pin count...you blow.

5 MULLY 5 is officially buried and the Wazy choke 5 spare has been born.


  1. How is 5 mully 5 retired. It is in no way a comparison. Not only did he pick it up, but he struck afterwards. He didn't leave back to back 5 counts. He also had 18 in a row. Awesome run Wazy, but it isn't 27 in a row. :-)

  2. Reinfart, mind your own business. Who is talking to you...!!

    5 mully 5 is dead.

    choke 5 spare lives on. Bee atch

  3. Lou,

    What did you shoot when Waz was shooting 275?

    How about when he shot 279?

  4. Does that have anything to do with Mike Mulligan on the score?

  5. You can't undue history, it just happens and you have to deal with it. Hey, didn't Kevin win a ton of money in that last year?

  6. Hey Loose...I was one of the unfortunate ones that were trying to get to River Rand from the east....never made it to bowling...but I can tell you, I would not have beaten Wazy...here was super last night.

  7. Ah, gotcha... fair enough then, statement retracted.

    Speaking of, are any of the roads around RR open yet?

  8. We could let 5 mulli 5 go but then we would have to bring up the whopping 111 you shot in team play. Oops, guess I brought that up anyway.


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