Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday's Sandbagger Chronicles -

We hate sand baggers
Every Monday it seems like goofy stuff happens. And there are always the same guys involved. Monday, (I was not there so this is all alleged) but I heard from a few people...that HOLE MAN accused somebody of being a SandBagger and the alleged Sandbagee...went nuts. Screaming at Hole Man and it almost came to blows. Holeman goes outside to "cool off" and teammate and ex Copper I'm Jellen, starts calling the alleged sandbagee a Bitch repeatedly...It went on for a while...

No matter how "bad" you think you are, I won't take on an ex-cop. Cause most of them are nuts and know where to smack you. I guess the whole thing blew over...but we don't need sand baggers in our leagues and definitely in the pots.

Simple solution...they are not invited to participate in the pots. Speaking of the pots, here are Mondays results:




Nasser F. & Henry W. 539


Jack W. & Henry W. 538

King Scratch

George Revs Jr.


Handicap King

Jim Saffold

Rob Deignan

Mark Orlow

Instant Clean

Switalski, Riddle, Deignan, Holeman 14

3rd Scratch

Jim Saffold

Mark Orlow


  1. I got the pots mixed up. I can't remember who won what. I checked my bag and have $10 for Kraut. He got 3rd in the handicap king, not the before mentioned. Also believe Deignan got the 2nd place in 3rd scratch.

  2. Maybe somebody needs a sub. Sounds really entertaining there on Mondays!

  3. P.S. Not only is Jellen an ex cop, but he worked in one of the toughest parts of the city. Not really a good idea to upset him.

  4. Don't forget that he was involved in homicide investigation for awhile as well, so that should add an interesting twist to it.


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