Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday Madness - All quiet on the Western Front

Tommy R. - Showing off his bowling finger

The fireworks over the big sand bagging scandal dissipated last night as the alleged Sand Baggee was not present...but the same guys won doubles 2 weeks in a row and Hole-Man started again on his way out the door informing this reporter to the fact.

Now I don't know if you win doubles back to back...means you are a bagger or not, but you know Hole-Man...he has to put his 1 1/2 cents into everthing.

The "Bags" league is in full swing and I have admit...there are not any bags in the league...there is some pretty good scenery...sure beats the normal skanks that hang out in the bar...

With 12 teams the league is not a noisy as last year...of course the "Flying Saucers" made alot of that noise and they didn't return...but Craig Kouros was sick and very quiet last night...so it seemed like we were in church...well not church because fu*k was said about 12,000 times, but you get the idea.

Lou and the Leisure Suits are now firmly in last place...losing to WTF and the King boys...There is no question that Pat King is not normal...pretty fun guy...but not normal. His brother said he was dropped on his head when he was young...you think?

Pots and tipping - Now is realize that tipping the Pot takers is optional...but with the exception of George Revs Jr., who I understand took ALL of the pots on Monday for years and never accepted one penny, you have to tip the pot guy...It is work to collect the pots and distracting to your game. Last night I found out that someone stiffed Wazy on an $80.00 pot come on...slip him a Finn if you are broke...he should have known better, as he is a pretty good bowler. Hey if you are broke....say, I will get you the next time or something like that.

Speaking of pots: Scores continue to be low...

Handicap King Scores
Frankie B 263
Gimenna 253
Rob D 253
Scratch King
Frankie B 242
Henry Walker 502
Ryan Briscoe
Jack Weegma 497
Henry Walker
Rick Lococo 491
Joe Taylor

Speaking of Wazy and pot taking...Reinfart, of Wednesday night fame...is now Wazy's pot announcing bitch. Somehow Wazy, who is horrible on the microphone, has engaged the services of Reinfart as he announces the scores of each game. What a douche...he doesn't even bowl in the league...he just comes up to service Wazy's needs...

Just kidding Kev...great to see you on Monday's also.


  1. Take your free entry,10% & be done with it. You should collect pots in the Sunday Morning Men's league that I bowl in. Not only do they not tip, but want to know what everyone shot and who took what place and on and on and on!!!!!!!

  2. Two thoughts...

    If it's a pot where you go and collect the scores as a pot runner, then you definitely be tipped, because that is anything but easy to do. If everyone comes to you to give their scores it isn't as important, but I would still do it.

    I'm not a big fan of the pot runner putting themselves in a pot. I really don't want to discuss it, because I know most people reading think the opposite, but it's just my thought.

    Oh wait, one more thought...LOU BLOWS!!!

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