Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday Madness 9/8/08

Bowling Machine Makes it Debut in remodeled bar

The league in now is full swing...that start the week before Labor Day and then off a week kind of interferes with the flow of things.  But we are back and now have 32 more weeks to go...

Got lucky and filled the 12th team.  Seems like a pretty good team with some really decent guys on it.  They have one lefty who shot good Monday and 4 righties.

New Secretary, Jim S, (at left)  messed up my rhythm last night.  I was 13 clean, (won instant clean) and was then interrupted by him while on the approach.  After that I couldn't do crap...(Now I realize it had nothing to do with him, but it sounds better if I have someone to blame)

Scratch pots got going last night with Wazy running them this year.  He sold them well as we got a decent amount of people in the pots.

Winners:  Lou V Instant Clean 13, King of the Hill, Rick Riddle 227 and Frankie B 221 (ever see a red headed Italian)?  and 3rd game scratch went to HOLEMAN 235.

Speaking of Holeman...he really is the original douche.  He and I were the only 2 in the running for instant clean after 9 frames.  I struck in the 10th and was watching him 4 lanes down.  He gets up in the 10th and DROPS THE BALL gets a 3 pin count...and 8 all day.  I am laughing my ass off inside, what a douche, and I walk past him and he says "your welcome for the gift" and I said "what gift"...there is nobody that I want to beat out of a pot than HOLEMAN...

New Bowling Machine in the remodeled bar

Well Craig finally is slowly but surely getting the River Rand Bowl bar out of the 50's and has done a ton of work getting the place in shape. 

They added FIVE  HD LCD TV's, a new super gay looking jukebox and resized the bar and added a new bowling machine.  Of course the degenerate gamblers at River Rand Bowl Monday visitor Gerbel and Reinhardt, go in the bar and start betting on games, spares and the card game that is built into the bowling machine.

Looks like a good choice for Craig to get people into the bar, drink and have fun...I think it already paid off last night as most congenial Tommy R and newly richer Reinhardt bought lots of drinks.

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