Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flooding doesn't stop Wazy, The Wizard shoots 753 Monday

Wazy Floods the lanes with strikes Shoots 199-279-275 - 753

After record rains over the weekend, those of us who live east of the Des Plaines River, had only 1 road to get the the Bowling Mecca, River Rand Bowl.

As a result, after 1 1/2 hours driving for what is normally a10 minute ride, I gave up and turned around to go home.

Surprisingly 46 out of 60 guys did show up and the Monday Night league went on. Wasn't there to see what the idiots were up to but can at least give a pot update.

Looks like The Wizard of Waz was on fire shooting 199/279/275 for an 753 series. Great shooting Scottie.

Here is the pot review:

Instant Clean Krone 14

Holeman 14

King Scratch Waz 275

Reichel JR 219

3rd Scratch Wazy 275

Mark O 224

Series Scratch Wazy 753

Wonder if Holeman gagged again this week to tie? Handicap pots to start next week.

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