Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BBT 08 Week 4 continues tonight

Pj, 4th Place in Points

Week 4 of the BBT '08 continues tonight at River Rand Bowl for members and invited guests. The young season has been dominated by Reinfart and Wazy with 2 and 1 titles respectively. But Andy has knocked on the door and it "may" open sometime.

He has the talent, but does he have what it takes to win a BBT title? Remember, the BBT isn't the PBA...this is mans bowling.

Will Mike D get he act together? Where's Tittie? Even Dennis has more points than him...ouch...Rob D, last years runaway point leader is sucking wind so far this year, Pj is right where he left the hunt point wise, and that brings us to Lou. He is off to a very slow start, having not made a cut yet...ooops...but wait there more...tonight will be the night as his brother Frank will come and watch the championship match.

Getting lots more inquiries about new bowlers coming things are going well.


  1. Why doesn't Frank bring his shit with and bowl the BBT.

  2. Hey guys, taking the night off from the BBT tonight, bowl well, and i'll see you guys next week.

  3. See Wazy, when you pound the piss out of Andy, he has to take a week off....

    What a loose is a in wussy.

  4. Ehh, it's only one week, I don't really want to embarrass Lou in front of his brother... I'll let someone else handle that...


  5. If there are no volunteers, I would like to take the honors.


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