Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Leagues Starts Tonight - BBT Week 2 Continues

Denny P and the boys try
to get it done this year

Boy did the summer go by we are back to the winter 2008/2009 season already. we can get back some real fun. The
Wednesday night mens league is a great one. Great pots, excellent competition, not too many douche bags and a ton of laughs.

Have you ever wondered how
many 3, 4 and 5 pin counts will Zaleski leave? How many 10 pins will Dennis leave...and how many times will he slap his thigh? How far will Rob Forshall throw the ball down the lane after getting a split? How many bounces will PJ's ball make before it hits the pins? How many times will Kasten win 30 clean? Will Kenny G ever wear a clean shirt? Will Bill Swit say more than 10 words? Will Howard Larkin say 1 word? How many times will Craig Slater say I hit the 13.5 board at 19.5 miles per hour and how many spares will he dump? How many 300's will Reinfart shoot? How many 2-8-10's will Mike Ritti leave? Did Joe Oberzut ever trim his beard? Did Chris Matza get a manzier? Will the Stattego still be played behind 11/12? How many pots will Woodie win this year? Will he lefties be left out in the cold due to the new lanes? Will Lou dominate the BBT? Inquiring minds want to know.

Many more questions remain...and time will give us the answers. Should be a great year with 18 teams and some new, good bowlers coming on board.

BBT continues tonight for invited guest and BBT members.

Reinfart, winner of the inagural BBT 08 will be defending his championship tonight. Was his win a fluke or is he back? Can Andy Loose break loose and win one, how about PJ...can he overcome his extreme sense of inadequet bowling skills?

Cesar out for a while - BBT champion Cesar (Chalupa) will be out of action for a while. He now is managing 2 Taco Bells and had a monkey spanking injury that will sideline him. We wish him the best. By the way, can you bring me 2 bean burritos the next time you come in? I need 8 hot sauces also. Thanks,


  1. How many times will Lou say " best ball all night"
    "just like on TV" "ya big douche" and everyones favorite "why don't you go f-ck yourself, how's that?"

  2. Best ball of the night? At least 10...and none will be for his own shots...

  3. Get it right Wazy, it is "why don't you go and fu_k yourself, what do you "think" about that?


  4. Must correct the corrector for it is actually "why don't you go f-ck yourself, how's that sound?" Nice comment by Andy.

  5. Everyone join me in wishing Lou a Happy 55th Birthday! It's actually on Sunday, but why wait. Nice pic of Rob's head! What's this Scott said stuff? How about Mr.Whipple? Congratulations Kev on back to backs.

  6. happy birthday Lou !!!

    Mine is the 7th


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