Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Doubles Ends tonight - Lots at stake

The battle for the top 2 places is on
3rd is up for grabs with 5 teams in the hunt

Man did this summer season go by fast...true, we bowled 2 weeks less due to the new lanes installation, but this summer has been a riot.

Lots of laughs, great, great competition, met a bunch of new people and everyone had a most excellent time.

Tons of possibilities tonight for standings changes. Jeff and Andy have a 3 point lead, but Jeff the the wild card and can shoot 120 or 220...Andy is as solid as ever, but will he have it when he needs it...?

Mike/Mike are a great team. They are 3 points behind, but with the amount of talent they have and the luck of the draw, could make for an interesting final night.

The run for 3rd is up for grabs...Paul and Krone, Kenny and Justine, Gene and Bill, Siran and Battersby, Matt and Lou, are all within 3 points of one another.

The rest of the field will be dukeing it out for bragging rights and extra $$. Should be a blast.

***NOTE*** Need to sign up for next year tonight, as we anticipate a sellout next year also.


  1. mark me down

    daniela for next year

  2. I looks like every team said they will return...if 20 percent don't we will still have 20 teams and will probably fill all 24 lanes.

    This was a great, league this summer...lots of fun and great competition.


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