Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reinhardt puts on a clinic - Wins Back to Back BBT's

2 time Champion Reinhardt (right) with runner-up PJ

It just goes to show you that you can't keep a sleeping dog down too long as Kevin Reinfart woke up and is making the BBT his personal ATM machine. Reinhardt, who won only 1 title last year, has started BBT 08 with back to back titles destroying PJ in the finals 244/249 to 147/199 last night.

Last season Reinfart bowled 48 weeks with 1 title...this season, 2 weeks 2 titles...last year winning percentage 2.08%, this season 100%...even a 6th grader knows that that is good. Congrats to Kevin, as Commissioner of the BBT, I declare you "back".

Here is how it played out:

11 Bowlers shot last night with new member Paul Bober joining and Frankie and Rob D shooting for the first time this season.

Qualifying - Top 6 make match play

1 Andy 7 254 261 255 523
2 Kevin 5 257 262 238 505
3 Paul 5 215 220 269 494
4 Dennis 27 224 251 173 451
5 PJ 52 160 212 187 451
6 Waz 16 229 245 186 447
7 Mike D. 26 189 215 195 436
8 Rob D. 20 174 194 165 379
9 Mike R. 14 141 155 199 368
10 Lou 28 175 203 132 363
11 Frankie 6 173 179 155 340


Game 1 - Andy Versus Wazy -Andy, after shooting 509 scratch, picked 17/18 to shoot against Wazy, unfortunately for Andy...that pair blew...and he really struggled until he made a ball change trying to catch Wazy but fell just short 166/173 to 188/204.

Kevin Versus PJ - Can you say Gladiator versus the Lion...? What more can I say...Kevin 248/253 PJ 147/199...the only good thing for PJ, he was the biggest loser as Dennis, who is having a run of really, really bad luck loses by 2 pin to PJ to advance. As you may remember, Dennis missed the cut last week by 1 pin...OUCH, OUCH, OUCH...

Paul versus Dennis - This was a real ass that Bober is one smooth character...Dennis was never in it as Paul shot 258/263 to Dennis' 170/197.

Semi Finals

Yes, miracles do happen as PJ pounded Bober (pictured at right) 219/271 to 244/249. Pj had the match under control until the 9th when he opened, forcing Paul to strike out in the 9th and 10th...but a soft 10 pin ended his hopes and gave PJ his first final of the year...Kind of blows when you shoot 244 and lose by 22 pins...oooops.

Kevin Vs Wazy - I thought the Wizard of Wazy would pull an upset after Reinfart started with a soft 10 and seemed to lose his great carry, but Wazy never got it going and Kevin reached deep down into his pants to get some testicular fortitude and outlasted Wazy 215/220 to 186/202.


Visualize Rome in 100AD...the Coliseum...a 5'10" Gladiator Named Stallone enters the arena...the crowd cheers. And then the gates open and 100 hungry lions enter and if you are PJ you say "oh shit"...well that is what it was like last night. Reinfart, in a rematch of the quarter finals, pounded PJ 244/249 to 147/199 for a 50 pin victory, just falling shot of his 53 pin win in the quarters.

Congrats to Kevin...back to back jacks...great bowling. And great going don't suck.

Lou's Views

As the league started looks like we got some good new teams...up to 19 and hope to make it 20 shortly...did you notice how they kicked Dennis to the curb? Mike is now anchor man...I wonder if Dennis feels like Jason Rossi?

Congrats to Wazy on his 280 and he and Tittie on their 700 series...(nice sandbagging)...Dennis was throwing the ball better than I have seen for a while.

The loudoos's had a tough start...with Lou and Sanders opening in the 10th to lose by 1 pin. We blow.

Looks like we have a very strong league this year...and should be a fun Wednesday night this year and with perhaps 20 teams, should be a ton of dough.


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