Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reinhardt outlasts Loose then Pounds Ritti for first BBT'08 Title

Winner Reinhardt (left) pounded Mike Ritti for 1st BBT Title of the year

The BBT'08 kicked off Wednesday with a small field (league did not begin yet) so we decided to have a non Major, extended format event.

And like all BBT's it was a blast and had a few story lines. We decided to do a 2 game seeder with all 8 bowlers advancing and then 3 match games based upon total scores and a 10 pin bonus for winning each match. And then a step ladder format with the top 4 finishers....yeah we reazlied that half the field made the finals..but it was the first night and we wanted to be kind...

Here is how it played out:

2 game seeding:

1 Mike R. 14 243 216 487
2 Lou 28 197 222 475
3 Andy 7 244 209 467
4 Mike D. 27 200 212 466
5 Kevin 5 246 191 447
6 Dennis 27 180 211 445
7 PJ 52 167 157 428
8 Waz 16 192 185 409
3 match games continued with the top 4 making the cut...all of the rounds were super tight in fact the same bowlers shot against each other the first 2 games...and then the position changes began, with Lou going from 1st to 5th, Reinhardt from nowhere to second, Wazy going from 8th to 4th, Dennis missing the cut by 1 pin after Wazy struck out in the 10th and Dennis missing a 10 pin in the fill frame. Mike D, Lou and PJ completely lost the shots in games 4 and 5 with the ultimate finalists hitting the gas and shooting great the last 2 games setting up the stepladder final.

1 Mike R. 14 487 188 190 268 1195
2 Andy 7 467 182 223 232 1145
3 Kevin 5 447 219 214 204 1129
4 Waz 16 409 170 233 225 1105
5 Dennis 27 445 204 190 174 1104
6 Lou 28 475 194 159 149 1071
7 Mike D. 27 466 168 145 136 996
8 PJ 52 428 112 150 129 985

Stepladder Finals -Reinhardt, Ritti, Loose, Wazy

Kevin versus Wazy - 222-197 - Wazy must have used up all he had against Dennis in game 5 as this match was about as exciting as cleaning the toilet. Game 2 was the match of the year so far and one of the best ones in a long time...Kevin versus Andy Loose - 250-244...this was a strike fest. Now we know that Kevin can throw big numbers and assumed that Andy could also, but this one was a great match. Kevin rolled a 2 pin to keep a string alive in the 8th frame and Andy left a up the ARSE RRRRRinging 10 pin on a 3 bagger ... ouch...but Andy did not give up and made Reinhardt perform in the 10th by rebounding and striking out in the 9th and 10th...Reinhardts good fortune continued when he, needing a strike in the 10th, hit a tad light and got a convincing mixer to seal the deal. Welcome to Andy...

Championship Game - Reinhardt-Ritti 249-206...Mike shot great all night leading qualifying and shot 268 to make the top seed...but I guess he blew his seed as there was nothing in the tank as he could carry
n o t h i n g leaving a bunch of soft 10's and really got pummelled by Reinhardt 249-206...

After having won only 1 time in 34 events last year...Reinhardt is off to a great start winning week 1 of the BBT...could this be his breakout year or was this his one win for 2008/2009 season? We shall see. The BBT continues next week August 27th for BBT members and invited guests.

Lou's Views

  • Congrats to Mike D...shooting a Dutch 200 in qualifying...
  • Consols to PJ - tough to bowl with either a phone in you left hand or a piece of pizza...and you don't suck
  • Dennis - Ouch...did you sleep well?
  • Andy - Welcome and best of luck to Sarah at school
  • Wazy - great comeback
  • Lou - You blow
  • Kevin - You're back
  • Mike R - You ran into a buzz saw...


  1. Kevin had a look in his eyes that he knew he was going to win. If that's the look all year than we might as well pack it in. You were tough Kevin. Congrats!

  2. at least I got kinda

  3. Mike, you are correct..Kevin did have that look in his did PJ, one of total despair.

  4. Loose, remember, we bowled 48 of these tournaments, 14 last summer and 34 in the, some of us have a bit of experience.

    Remember in the BBT like any tournament, don't give up, because anything can and does happen like you saw last night...lots of lead changes, Dennis loses by 1 pin when Wazy strikes, you leave a ringing 10 when Reinhardt rolls a 2...this is what makes it such a great game.

    Knock them dead in the Regional.

  5. Hopefully I have that same look in my eye all year. Andy, who cares how you did in the BBT this week, worry about the weekend more...kick ass and when you come back next Wednesday and we kick your ass it will show how good the BBT bowlers are. :-) Good luck bud.

  6. Best of Luck Andy Loose!

  7. Your right Cesar, I believe the blog was intended to be fun, not a forum to air personal feelings towards someone else. Let's hope we all use much better judgement in the future. We've all been guilty of using poor judgement on this blog at one time or another. Let's all have a great season and have a lot of fun without hurting anyone's feelings.

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