Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday Madness Begins

Tommy Double Gutters

It seemed like only yesterday that we ended in second place on Monday Night, but the new season is here with way less teams...but that is not that bad of a thing since the teams that left were either douche bags or didn't get into the pots...so not much of a loss.

New Secretary Jim S. has his hands full taking over a job that nobody wants and is faced with trying to find teams. So if you know anybody who wants to bowl on Mondays, call River Rand Bowl and let them know.

Defending second place finishers Lou and the Leisure Suits has a new member, Mark K from Wednesday night as Mike Freese, quit because he wife won't let him bowl...(what a puss)...Just kidding, he moved near Rockford and the commute after 10 Miller High Lifes...was a bit tough. Welcome to Mark.

Last night we shot against Sit N Spin...what a collection of idiots. Led by most favorite proprietor Craig Korous, (the big douche) that team is a riot...Tommy, Krone, Jason, Craig and Bill K. We had lots of laughs, a whole lot of ball busting and got our arses kicked 0-7...Jason shot 713, not bad for the first night...

Highlight of the night

I have been bowling for over 40 years and I witnessed something last night that I have NEVER seen by a non drunk, adult male, who averages over 200...what was that you may ask...? In frame 9 of game 2, Tommy Reeeeeeeeeemer, thew a gutter on the first shot...no big deal, but he had another GUTTER ON THE SECOND BALL...DOUBLE GUTTER....What a douche...

We are off and running on Monday, should be a great season and let's continue the Monday Madness after Labor Day...


  1. The new Secretary is not Mike S. it is Jim S. you fool. I don't even bowl in the league and I have to correct you.

  2. Hey anus, thanks for finding my mistake.

    It is now fixed...

  3. Lou if you have been bowling for over 40 years HOW OLD DOES THAT MAKE YOU???????????????????????



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